• Sam Hardy

LEGO Masters Sweden - Episode 1 Full Recap

Fresh from the land of meatballs and flatpacks LEGO Masters continues its European run with its debut in Sweden.

Hosted by Mauri Hermundsson (right), a YouTube star making a jump to TV and judged by Magnus Göransson (left) a senior design lead at LEGO.

The format keeps to the Aussie set up with very little changed in the set layout and of course, we're opening with Mega Cities (again). Incidentally, the Aussie version is getting shown on Swedish TV as well, complete with a full-blown dub, but without Stani's husky tones.

Meet The Teams

Peter & Emil

Peter is 38 years old and comes from Upplands Väsby. He works as a project manager but is also a well-known profile in the LEGO world, both in Sweden and abroad. Emil is 40 years old, comes from Lund and works as a software developer. He loves to build LEGO with inspiration from nature, his favourite thing to build are trees.

Stefan & Michael

Stefan is 38 years old and comes from Bandhagen. He works as a magician and works LEGO into his shows. Michael is 22 years old and comes from Bandhagen. He is studying to be a preschool teacher. He builds LEGO every day and hopes to one day be able to make a career out of his passion.

Robert & Hans