LEGO 1989 Batwing 76161

Batman Minifigure

Let’s start with the Minifigures. In my initial review, I mentioned that the logo on Batman’s chest looked like it could be gold. Separating him from the Batman they gave us with the ’89 Batmobile. Bad news folks… Batty is exactly the same! But hey, least you’ll have a spare!

The Joker

Complete with a quill, this is a take on The Joker we haven’t seen before. It’s a good choice considering the amount of air time this outfit of The Joker gets in the movie. It’s iconic and known.

Lawerance The Goon

Not Bob The Goon, unfortunately, (want to know my beef with Lawerence, check it out here). Still, a cool fig, with the purple leather goon jacket, Lawerence comes with his boom box from the famous gallery scene. *Insert Prince music here*

The Exterior

A haven of fingerprints… Before you display this on the desk or wall. You are going to have a field day attempting to remove your fingerprints from the 55cm X 51cm worth of shiny black plastic. No doubt it will be appealing to dust wherever you put it!

There are a couple of hidden nuggets within the build, one notably is the Batman logo on the yellow disc that is hidden within the wings. Initially, I thought it might have shot out as some kind of playability, but no. Just an Easter Egg within the build. The feathering detail on the tail is a nice touch and the Batwing is packed full of gun power.

The Cockpit

This is pretty much where all the stickers will be found. Referencing the Batwings 8mins of screen time in the movie. The screens display The Jokers balloon parade and The Joker being lined up in the street. Complete with a ‘Bat Engine’ behind the pilot seat, because no normal engine will do.

Now the strangest part of the build… Crowbars under the engine. Please comment below if you understand this! Let’s pretend The Joker didn’t shoot down the Batwing with one single bullet and the Batwing fulfilled it’s intended purpose of staying in the sky.

Is Batman dropping the crowbars on people? Or, is it Batman’s intention to use a crowbar as a weapon. If he does land the Batwing on the outskirts of Gotham, before taking the train back into the city?

On The Wall

It actually doesn’t look too bad on the wall! It’s definitely the best display option for this massive beast of a set! The space it would take up on the desk or side table is not ideal and its risk of damage is also a concern.

The hook that is built into the Batwing is quite far away from the flattest point. Around 1 brick’s height, meaning you’ll need a hook that’s sticking out approx 2cm from the wall. Just be careful, if the hook isn’t far enough in. It might bend leaving the Batwing to crash and burn, just like in the movie.

The Build

If you would like to see a speed build of the model, here you go!


And if you would like to see my review from the initial announcement (before it was in hand), you can see it here.

LEGO 1989 Batwing

LEGO® 1989 Batwing will be available for LEGO VIP members from 21st October and for remaining LEGO fans from 1st November, directly via and LEGO Stores.


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