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In 2013, Andrew Morrey joined Instagram as CheepJokes. Initially believing the platform will provide him with an opportunity to attract viewers for his short films across to YouTube, he quickly found a thriving LEGO community and branched out into LEGO photography and comics.

Since then, Andrew has toured CheepJokes around Australia, hosting Stop Motion Animation workshops and he has worked with DisneyStar WarsMarvelFederation Square and even Nandos, creating social media campaigns that are both unique and effective.​

Following the success of LEGO Masters Australia, Andrew has become the 'go-to' source for Behind The Scenes interviews and discussion with contestants.

Andrew was proudly named “Influencer of the Year” at the 2017 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards.


CheepJokes has now become the home for unique LEGO reviews, news, photography and video, with collaborators from around the world.

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to promote your product or event, contact Andrew with your brief to workshop some ideas.

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Sam is an award-winning LEGO artist with a passion for creating digital masterpieces by using LEGO Digital Designer, Brinklink Studio and Blender.

Sam, is our LEGO Masters International expert, connecting with judges and contestants from around the world, to provide us with all the happenings from LEGO Masters around the world!

When not working on his next exhibition he can be found doing his day job as an Editor in the TV industry.

You can find Sam's work via the link below.


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Tim & Dannii


Most people would recognise Tim and Dannii after they made their LEGO debut on Season Two of LEGO MASTERS Australia as the ‘Highschool Sweethearts’, reaching the semi-finals before technical difficulties resulted in their elimination, but these two have been actively involved with LEGO for much longer before.

Prior to their television appearance, Tim had been building large scaled creature builds that had won prizes at exhibitions, publications in a LEGO Journal and appeared on a variety of well-known LEGO blogs, while Dannii was his helpful parts-finder and landscaper for his exhibition builds.

Although Tim has been building with LEGO for as long as he can remember, Dannii only truly joined the hobby back in 2019. Tim’s builds focus on a serious narrative in mind, while Dannii’s style is somewhat nonsensible whimsy.
Since LEGO MASTERS, this couple have shifted their main focus to builds creatures and medieval dioramas related to the TTRPG, Dungeons and Dragons.


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Coming Soon...

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Fleur is a diehard AFOL who emerged from a 32 year dark age to rediscover LEGO at 42 years of age. Her reawakening to this beautiful creative community was anything but quiet as she went from having 1500 bricks to 120,000 bricks in her collection in less than two years. She became heavily involved with MUGS (Melbourne Lego User Group) last year and found their monthly MOC competitions were a wonderful distraction from the Covid lockdowns.


Her friend Annie who appeared on Lego Masters Season 2 suggested putting Fleur forward for Season 3 and being so new to it her first response was “definitely not” but Annie persisted and as fate would have it Fleur became the last contestant cast for Lego Masters Season 3, and together with her partner, Sarah made it to finals week.


Fleur is a full-time stay at home Mum to her 4-year-old Heston and works part-time in events, which will come in handy as are is soon to join the organizing committee for Brickvention. Outside of using lego bricks to express herself Fleur loves to write lifestyle pieces

and hopes you enjoy her musings.

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