About Us

All the Brick Banter articles are written by a team of LEGO fans who also share your passion for LEGO. The team has a varied range of LEGO skills, from physical build, digital building and photography.



Before appearing on LEGO Masters Season 4, Andrew had a long history in the LEGO world.

In 2013, Andrew joined Instagram as CheepJokes. Initially believing the platform will provide him with an opportunity to attract viewers for his short films across to YouTube. So he quickly found a thriving LEGO community and branched out into LEGO photography and comics.

Since then, Andrew has toured CheepJokes around Australia, hosting Stop Motion Animation workshops and he has made LEGO campaigns for Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and Federation Square.

Andrew was proudly named “Influencer of the Year” at the 2017 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards.



Dannii started her LEGO journey by helping her husband Tim create large scale builds. So as a visual artist, she is the ‘creative director’ for their collaborative MOCs.

But in 2020, Dannii appeared on LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 to support her husband’s LEGO dreams, making it all the way to the semi-finals.

Since LEGO Masters, Dannii has produced an assortment of inspired MOCs. Ran LEGO days with school holiday programs and runs her own LEGO club at her school where she teaches visual art.



From childhood, LEGO has been a huge part of Tim’s life. Because of this, he specialises in large scale creature builds. Of which have won prizes at various LEGO exhibitions.

In 2020, Tim appeared on LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 with his wife and high school sweetheart Dannii.

But since LEGO MASTERS, Tim has shifted his main focus from building creatures and medieval dioramas, to the TTRPG, Dungeons and Dragons. Where he will customise game pieces and board specifically for D&D.

Tim has a razor sharp eye when reviewing new LEGO models and doesn’t hold back on honest opinions.



Sam is an award-winning LEGO artist with a passion for creating digital masterpieces, by using LEGO Digital Designer, Brinklink Studio and Blender.
Sam, is our LEGO Masters International expert, connecting with judges and contestants from around the world, to provide us with all the happenings from LEGO Masters around the world!

When not working on his next exhibition he can be found doing his day job as an Editor in the TV industry.

You can find Sam’s work via his instagram below.