Wheeling in and standing taller than all other Brickheadz, Avatar joins the lineup!

LEGO 40554 – Brickheadz Jake Sully & his Avatar

About This Set

With the release of Avatar 2 soon on the horizon. One the largest films in cinematic history soon came on the radar for the LEGO group to swoop in an make sets for. We’ve already seen some coverage for the new sets coming our way, but even Brickheadz have jumped on board the trend.

So what do we get when we mix Brickheadz and Avatar? Two of the most dynamic Brickheadz we have seen in a long time! One Brickheadz rolling in with the very first Brickheadz Wheelchair, and the other being the tallest Brickheadz for the entire line!

With this in mind, let’s do a deep dive in and see what we have, shall we?

Jake Sully

Jake Sully’s Brickheadz form is quite different to a lot of Brickheadz prior. As he is one of the first to be sitting down for his build. LEGO have also taken to giving him adjustable arms on hinges to be able to not have his arms conflict with the wheelchair frame.

Overall though, Jake has no printing anywhere on the figure. His quite simplistic design isn’t a fault of LEGO however. The man always wears single-coloured shirts in the film. I feel like if we did not see the Avatar name on the box, people certainly would struggle to try and identify this figure.

Jake Sully (Avatar Form)

Jake’s Avatar form is the tallest Brickheadz in the line-up, using just a few plates more in height to be able to stand a cut above the rest. The longer physique of the Na’vi is also conveyed through the three stud long arms. Longer torso, as well as the very evident ears differing from his human self.

Jake’s Avatar form has printing on his arms and body, massively outbalancing the other figure in the set. Also coming with new Brickheadz yellow printed eyes for the Na’vi people. I’m also a big fan of the subtle details, like the sand green plate representing his necklace, and the construction of the loin cloth too. Big win here.


Overall, this is one of the most interesting mould-breaking Brickheadz I’ve seen in a long time. For collectors of the series, this is a big win.

I really like what LEGO are doing lately to push the barriers with the Brickheadz line, and I’m sure there are plenty of people around the world excited as much as I am to see the new canonical wheelchair design for Brickheadz, which will surely be adapted into something of their own.

If you are thinking of nabbing this one up, but are on the fence, I would say you should commit to it.

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