LEGO Land Rover Classic Defender 40650 review

Ready to take your Minfigures on a ride in the outback?

LEGO have recently released an ‘Adults Welcome’ Land Rover Classic Defender set (10317). But what about those who would love to bring that iconic car to their LEGO City? What if you can’t afford the big LEGO one because you actually own a Land Rover Classic Defender? Well, we may have an entry level solution for you!

The Land Rover

Keeping to the regular six-stud wide mould of LEGO City cars, the Land Rover does a really good job of fitting the bill. LEGO have really improved on their execution of smaller cars over the years. But I do really with this version came with doors.

Kitted out with rear and roof storage, spare tire and raised chassis, the small set does well to capture the 4-wheel-drive feel of the classic Rover.  This smaller version sports a yellow colour compared to the sand green on the larger model. If I’m honest, I think that this would have been a great tie-in to the larger model if it came in the same colour. On that note, some customisations similar to the larger set would have been nice too.

The car is able to seat just the one Minifigure inside, which is to be expected with LEGO and this sort of scale. But also expected from someone driving a Land Rover inner city.

Aside from these things, the build is relatively simplistic. The doesn’t sport any intricate or crazy shaping, but that’s because it doesn’t need to. At this size, the car design being relatively rectangular is right what it needs to be.


This little set is quite a nice vehicle to add to your LEGO city, or even an A-frame cabin set.

I do with there was a different choice of colour, and LEGO really missed an opportunity to make it more akin to the larger set. Adding a few extra details such as accessories would have really given this set a true Land Rover Classic Defender vibe.



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