LEGO® ICONS™ Corvette as LEGO Barbie Dream Car

If you remove all the red and replace with pink, can you build the LEGO ICONS Corvette as a Barbie Dream car?

It sounds easy right? Take all the red pieces, chuck them away (not actually chuck, just pop aside), replace with pink. Easy! But I’m sorry to say… It isn’t that easy. While we get more and more new LEGO elements introduces each year, in new shapes and colours, ‘bright pink’ has only been around since 2003 and has 636 different element variations. Which you would think is enough. But to give it context, red has been around since 1949 and has 7918 element variations.

With help from one of our authors Sam (aka. @ranga_bricks), we digitally build the LEGO ICONS Corvette as pink as possible with the LEGO elements that exist. Using colours as close as possible, you’ll notice that there are different shades of pink and purples used to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately the ‘bright pink’ doesn’t exist in a lot of the places we need it.

From the LEGO Icons Corvette instruction booklet, you can see what red pieces are required. For those with the skills, you could probably swap some pieces out for others and get it a little closer to finished. But you may run into hurdles with the larger smooth trunk and bonnet, and rear side panels.

LEGO Icons Corvette Red Pieces

In the year to come, imagine the possibilities for LEGO builders when there is more element colour choices. Could a time come, where a set like the LEGO Icons Corvette is released, and you choose from a selection of colours to buy? Just like a real car dealer.

For now, red is the best option for the LEGO Icons Corvette. Barbie will have to wait a little longer till she get her LEGO Dream Car.


LEGO® ICONS™ Corvette as LEGO Barbie Dream Car
LEGO® ICONS™ Corvette as LEGO Barbie Dream Car


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