LEGO Ideas Viking Village 21343

A Viking home worthy of the halls of Valhalla? Or is it off to Niflheim?

Review: LEGO Ideas Viking Village 21343: It has been almost 18 years since we last saw the last dedicated LEGO Vikings set that truly focuses on Viking culture that we oh so desperately crave. (This is ignoring the Creator 3-in-1 set from yesteryear!)

Fans of fantasy building have always wanted more diversity in their builds. And what better to bring it that this? Not a Viking boat or siege weapon, but a whole village! But is it worth the coin? Read on!


LEGO Ideas Viking Village

The Viking Village is comprised of three separate main builds. A Blacksmith, Great Hall and Watchtower. When placed together, the three sets make quite the footprint. But also come with the option to be all split apart.

I’m a big fan of the strong tones of brown used throughout the build that is so synonymous with Viking buildings. As I had feared that the build would take a more fantasy like turn.

Each building is also strewn with small sections of snowy weather. Not only to show climate, but to instantly transport us away to the Tundra that Vikings could be found.

It’s also worth noting that this build comprises of no new elements whatsoever. Just new prints and a few new recolours, something I hope helped keep the cost down.


The Blacksmith section of the build comprises of a small forge. With included bellows, tong, shield, helmet, tools, pickaxe and sword. Plenty to make the small building feel a bit more lively.

This sections of the build also comprises the most foliage of the build, with two trees around the building with snow tops to convey the climate. I’m also a huge fan of the part usage on the smoke flume, as well as the rockwork print, which seemingly suggest Jormungandr, the World Serpent.

There is also a paintbrush left around for this space. Which I can only assume is used to paint the unpainted shield that is still hanging up inside.

The Great Hall

The Great hall is probably the most simplistic of the buildings included in the model. And although the most central and important building, it is quite small.

The insides of the hall include a seat for the Viking Clan leader to sit atop of. As well enough space to squeeze in a small cooking fire and basic utensils, but little else, including people.

It’s worth noting that although it seems new, the printed wooden elements above the main entrance are surprisingly not new at all. This same print was used in a Vikings set back in 2006, and even in the Green Grocer in 2008. (Yes, THAT Green Grocer!)

The Watchtower

The Watchtower is easily my favourite build of the three buildings. Solely down to how dynamic and different it feels. The height of the build, twisting shaped stairs and bridge allows for more playability and display than the others.

I’m also a fan of how LEGO used the lower docks as a dynamic storytelling space with fish and barrels. But I do wish we had a small Viking boat bring that last bit of the motif altogether.

That being said, adding a boat would help, but increase the parts. If you opted to make that call, it could also feel empty without another figure. Adding another figure would also increase the price. It just snowballs from here.

The Minifigures

The build comes with four individual figures for the set. Although they have no individual names, it is very clear to see how they appear in a Viking hierarchy.

The Clan Leader Viking and the Axe Maiden figure are the only two figures to come with previously printed torsos. Both in the previous Creator 3-in-1 set, however, all the other torsos and the LEG PRINTING are completely new!

The characters’ shields are also new, and you even get two of the blue one. I’m glad that we got printed shields this time around, rather than the brick built shields that the Creator one came with.

There is also a few newer expressions for the characters, a printed hammer with Nordic symbols on it, and even gunmetal helmets which usually appeared in silver or speckled grey. Win win win!

(Obligatory Vikings never wore helmets with horns outside of ceremonial circumstances comment here)


So what do I think of this set? I really really like it.

I can see some people getting upset about the lack of new parts amongst other things. But I find myself completely ignoring these ‘flaws’; this is a LEGO set in it’s purest form. No specialised elements, clear cut focus, and really nice and quaint design.

Do I have issues with it? A few minor ones, but nothing I can’t fix at home on own.

The set comes without a small fishing boat. Nothing stopping me from making one myself. One figure too short? Good thing I have that creator Viking set. Anybody who had an interest in Vikings before most likely have that set, and they have the same situation and parts for a solution that I do.

It’s not anywhere near the best set of 2023, but I recommend this wholeheartedly nevertheless. It’s just great.

LEGO Ideas Viking Village Review



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