LEGO Ninjago New Release for March 2024 Review

LEGO Ninjago versus the Shadow Dojo Part 2!

LEGO Ninjago came in January of 2024 with somewhat questionable sets. If you’ve read our past review, you’ll note that I didn’t quite enjoy the repetition of some of the previous sets. Ninjago comes at us again in March with some new outfits for the team going forward, and a shakeup that allows the larger villains to be attained a little easier.  We’ve covered a lot of these beats in our last review, so let’s make it quicker this time. Snap review, read on!

Available from and LEGO Stores from 1st March 2024.

LEGO Ninjago Young Dragon Riyu (71810)

Young Dragon Riyu being an entry-level set for the new wave of Ninjago is honestly great. Being able to build a dragon set for a low price point is always a good thing, and we don’t get much of it anymore. As a bonus, the dragon is in a rarer colour of sand blue and a new mould of the head.

As for minifigures, you can’t expect much here. This particular little set gives us the two newer heroes of the Ninja Team. Complete with Sora’s new hair and a new hook weapon. The outfits, much alike the Wolf Warrior, are all non exclusive and easy to find in other sets.

It’s a set where there isn’t anything hidden away that you don’t see on the box, but it’s a neat little set nevertheless.

LEGO Ninjago Arin’s Ninja Off-Road Buggy Car (71811)

Arin’s Off-Road Buggy is the car set of the wave, which feels almost like a guarantee thing of Ninjago lines nowadays. One vehicle, at least, per wave. Arin’s buggy is a big build, despite no appearing as much so. It’s almost a Technic-System fusion, with included suspension and technic elements for the engine.

There is a clear flamish-yellow to dark-blue colour palette in the model, with the front wheels and rear wheels differing in colour. The introduction of dark blue feels sudden for Arin, as it is notably absent from his character design. I hope LEGO give him a new outfit with these colours included, as it is a great mix.

The set has a large cockpit space for our driver to strap in to, as well as a new climbing hook mould on the back of the model. As to what exactly this is for is a little unknown to me. I’d love for it to be able to hold the car up on a tree or some other surface, but the weight causes the hook to come off.

The figures of this set include Arin in his origin outfit, Climber Cole, Cinder and a Wolf Claw Warrior. As well as baby Ryu!

Cole’s outfit is the only new outfit in the set, sporting samurai styled shoulder armour and a heavier aesthetic. The colour palette and design reminds me of the Legacy of Dragons wave, and not a bad look.

The high price point of the set I feel might be a deterrent for the set, but it’s undeniably big. I’m sure any kid who wants this will be plenty happy with it.

LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Ninja Climber Mech (71812)

Kai’s Ninja Climber Mech holds your focus like no other set in the wave. As far as all the Elemental Mech’s go, this is up high on the list. The mech has a lot of character. Four arms, sleek build and mechanised canisters everywhere. It gives a more steampunk vibe than ninja, and I’m okay with that. I really like how the head came together, and the use colour palette works well.

The back of the model leaves something to be desired, as it is a bit more bare bones, but I can see past that. It’s a cool, sleek mech with powerful pose, and I can see kids hanging this mech off a tree branch. I do wish that both extra hands had the string play feature though..

Our good guy team introduces us to Climber Kai and Jay, their first appearances in the wave. The new rugged printing and samurai-esque armour they sports feels very natural to Kai but not so much Jay. We also get Wyldfyre, a character previous exclusive to 2023’s Lava Dragon. She has a new kimono styled outfit with shoulder and neck armour, as well as a new hair mould! I love her hair.

Each of the ninja are equipped with the new hook weapon for 2024,

The Enemy

For the enemy of the set, we get Jordana, very similar to her last appearance minus the neck fur. Her outfit is the same but she now has a small glider build. The build is disappointing, to say the least, as the mech overshadows it and makes it look bare-bones. Opposite this, LEGO also give us a new mythological sword with gunmetal and trans-red mixed it, and it looks great! I love how even a small speck of it makes it into the cross guard.

This set is a great set, but not without it’s drawbacks. If you like it at face value, then you won’t be disappointed.

LEGO Ninjago Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo (71813)

The Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo is the largest set in the 2024 wave we’re looking at, and boy is it impeding. The first thing to note about the set is the height; with a large focus on the blood moon, the set uses levels to focus on it. All throughout the set are motifs of red against the dark blue, cyan and magenta colours.

We are given lots of stickers in the forms of banners and art work, but the big focus is the printed shield for the ‘Gong of Shattering’. The gong is something yet to be revealed in the TV show, but it clearly means high stakes for the Ninja Team.

The set prides itself on the movement between levels, with each spot not short of something for the Ninja to hook on to to go up or down on branches or cables. Even throughout the build we get smaller stories to enhance play – secret doors, weapons and a battle arena. The battle arena brings in nostalgia for older fans, or a fun new play feature for newer ones.

The Set

The set also gives us a clean 50/50 between good guys and bad guys. We get Kai, Zane, Lloyd and Nya, all in climber outfits for the first time (barring Kai). These figures are honestly great, and I can see myself using Zane and Nya’s shoulders for my own custom models.

For the enemies, we get the top three – Jordana, Raz and Cinder, as well as one Wolf Mask Warrior. It’s worth noting that all these figures aren’t unique to the set, but its the first time we get them all in one. We also get one of those new blades too!

This set is a big playset to muck around and have fun on. It’s a big price point, but the volume the set takes up makes it feel worth it. For a family of kids or someone getting into Ninjago seriously, this is pretty neat.

LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Source Dragon Battle (71815)

Kai’s Source Dragon Battle is the only set in the lineup with a 4+ tag on it. It’s very clear to see that this is intended for younger builders, but those younger builders definitely get a lot to play with. For our good guys, we get a four winged dragon with unique dragon head printing, as well as some purple/orange fire elements. It’s very clear to see that this is a basic build, but the head moulds and fire elements are always welcome in our house.

For our baddies, we get a ballista/cannon. It’s unclear what the projectiles are supposed to be, but getting these spring loaded shooters are always fun. The build also sports some wheels that I don’t recognise, and am excited to use these in future builds. I am questioning why a projectile launcher is in a 4+ set though. Those things can hurt.

As for our figures of the set, we get two goodies and two baddies. Our good guy team has Climber Kai and Wyldfyre, much alike Kai’s Climber Mech . This set is the easiest way to get these figures without forking out a huge amount, and I’m glad that we get Wyldfyre in more price-accessible sets.

Our Wolf Mask clan warriors are the same as most of the other sets of 2024, barring one new addition; the new moulded sword.

Overall with this set, it is aimed for the little ones. It is a very very basic build, but if someone wants some of the new moulds and characters on a budget, here you go!

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Elemental Power Mech (71817)

Lloyd’s Elemental Power Mech fits right at home with the other three mechs from our previous review. We get an interesting mix of colour, with green, gold and dark red this time around, uncommon for Lloyd. The set isn’t necessarily filled with new moulds or vibrant new parts, which honestly makes it feel a bit out of place with this wave.

The mech is designed to be able to be easily interchanged with other mechs of the 2024 season, so releasing this set after the other three feels a bit odd.

Nevertheless, we do get a unique minotaur-esque design, with horns on the head and reverse-knee-joint design. I like the direct the set went in, but it doesn’t suit Lloyd. I also wish it came with axes instead of swords.

The set does give us a new cheaper way to get one of the bigger bad guys of the wave, as well as two almost-repeat figures. Nya and Lloyd sport new helmet wear, whereas the baddies are the same as previous versions.

I don’t mind this set, but I definitely don’t see it running off the shelves any time soon.

LEGO Ninjago Dragon Stone Shrine (71819)

The Dragon Stone Shrine set is a large sculpture display piece – stone dragon, library, tea room, waterfall, cherry blossom tree… there’s a lot.

LEGO seem to have gone a bit more all-in than their usual for this set, aiming to put as many things in as possible to the set. With a large in-built tree, rocking play feature for battles, shrines and meditation pools, the set is admittedly cramped.

There is a lot of focus on the dragon – which mind you is great – but with that also comes height. And as to not waste that height, a lot of the set is built into that height.

There’s lot of prints with Easter eggs that Ninjago fans would like as well.

All the figures in this set have appeared in previous sets before, excluding the new arrival Euphrasia. Who is she? No idea, but she uses my favourite LEGO headpiece so it’s a win from me!

This does mean that a lot of those notable features are squished in and not as effective as I’d like. There isn’t a single place in the set that doesn’t feel cramped the moment more than one figure is in the room. Is the set bad? No! Just overambitious. I feel with a large base to build it all on that this would have come out great. It’s good, but can be improved.

Do I recommend it? Still a yes from me. There is great building techniques to be learned!


The new sets of the Ninjago Wave definitely don’t feel like they add too much to the grand theme, but round out a lot of the ideas well. We get ourselves easier access to the greater villains, new outfits for the heroes, and some sets that feel like they didn’t make the first wave. It’s not without its shortcomings, and there are some in here I would definitely recommend.

But this feels like a wave that a lot of the smaller sets will be bought at a discount rather than fly off the shelves. The big sets are lofty and grand, so if your budget can balance it and you want it, go for it.


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