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The LEGO Group have announced the release date of the new LEGO City Space Explorers Pack

We’ll tell you when and where you’ll be able to find it. A release date has been announced, and it’s not too far.

Launch kids’ play into orbit with this galactic space bundle of mech toy, hoverbike and spaceship playsets. The 6+ LEGO City Space Explorers Pack features 3 cosmic LEGO City building sets in 1 box:

1. Space Construction Mech (60428)

A 140-piece set featuring an articulated toy mech suit for exploring new worlds, plus a planet scene, energy crystal elements, a space crew minifigure and a small robot construction figure.

2. Interstellar Spaceship (60430)

A 240-piece set, featuring a single-seat spaceship toy with foldout main thrusters for lightning-fast space travel, plus a space crew minifigure and a drone that converts into a space jetpack.

3. Space Hoverbike (30663)

This 46-piece set features a futuristic space hoverbike for exploring rugged planet terrain, plus a space crew minifigure and 2 toy space crystals.

This space-themed multipack comes with realistic vehicles, detailed structures and inspiring characters that merge fantasy and reality for imaginative play without limits.

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