In a fashion reminiscent of my previous review of the LEGO 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech, let’s explore the LEGO Monkie Kid Demon Bull King 80010. From a technical perspective, these two sets share remarkable similarities. Setting the stage for an epic showdown between the formidable Demon Bull and the Monkey King Warrior (MKW).

Theme: Monkie Kid

Item: 80010

Pieces: 1051

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“Raging Bull Ready For Battle”

Right from the start, you’ll notice that this Demon Bull figure exudes sturdiness. A noticeable departure from the intricate cape and additional embellishments adorning its adversary, the MKW.

This solidity is primarily due to the limited articulation inherent in the design.

While the ankle features a ball joint, it disappointingly lacks any vertical movement, restricting its functionality to side-to-side motion.

Furthermore, the knee joint remains immobilised, although it compensates with a commendable hip movement. Which, unfortunately, is undermined by the absence of toe articulation.

To achieve dynamic poses, you may find it necessary to employ some clever “LEGO hacking.”

Now, let’s focus on the arms, which offer a much more versatile range of motion. With a 360-degree rotation and decent shoulder and elbow articulation, the Demon Bull’s arms are capable of various poses.

However, there’s a slight challenge when it comes to the head. As its weight is somewhat burdensome for the 1×2 joint plate connecting it to the torso. Achieving a tilted head position may require a bit of assistance.

But what truly steals the spotlight is the Demon Bull’s chest, where a single element takes center stage—the illuminating light brick.

Although not a novelty, this red glow emanating through the ribcage creates a captivating effect.

To enhance the fiery atmosphere, I integrated Light My Bricks LEDs into the flamethrower, cannon, and mouth, adding an extra touch of intensity.

In summary, the LEGO Monkie Kid Demon Bull King 80010 proves to be a commendable set. The assembly process is relatively straightforward and not overly time-consuming.

The set boasts a palette of vibrant colors, including the translucent orange chest and shoulder pieces. Complemented by the striking red light brick. While leg articulation may be limited, the Demon Bull stands impressively on display, exuding a genuinely formidable aura.

For LEGO enthusiasts seeking a captivating build and a visually striking addition to their collection, the Demon Bull King unquestionably fits the bill.

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