News: LEGO Ideas Sesame Street 21324

Just announced, LEGO Ideas Sesame Street 21324.

I was recently asked who my favourite vampire was. I said, “The muppet from Sesame Street.” They told me, “He doesn’t count!”. I replied, “I assure you, he does.”

Getting a LEGO Ideas set off the ground can be hard. Sure we have seen unprecedented amounts of sets reach 10k over the last few months, but still, it’s a challenge. Designers need to promote their sets via social media to have them found by the right people, who will need to log in to LEGO Ideas and click that vote button.

I first remember seeing this set pop us as a sponsored post on my Instagram feed, and then my Facebook. Instead of focusing on the set, I was more drawn to a LEGO Ideas submission being pushed as a sponsored post on my socials.

I don’t feel as though there is anything wrong with this, but it must take something away from those who have reached the 10k organically. It’s a risk that has paid off for the designer Ivan Guerrero.

Facebook adverts aren’t cheap and I recall this sponsored post popping up multiple times over many weeks. It’s definitely a way to speed up the process of achieving 10k in votes, but still, it’s not a guarantee to get you over the line. Lucky for Ivan, it is paying off, as the designer will receive 1% of sales globally for this LEGO Ideas set. Congrats Ivan!

Let Take A Look At The Box

This might come as a surprise being a set based on a young children’s television program, but this is labelled as an 18+ set, another on the growing list of products aimed at the adult demographic, with the sleek black packaging.

What’s In The Box

We are getting five Minifigs and a printed ball in a trash can. The set has an array of new moulds for the Minifigure heads, as we see Elmo, Bert and Ernie, The Cookie Monster, Oscar and of course Big Bird. Each has character-specific accessories, and their own space within the playset.


Each character has their own place within the playset, Bert and Ernie scored the top-level penthouse, complete with bath in the bedroom which is very 80’s, and a photo of the lovely couple of their wall. Elmo is downstairs in a very childlike room, he has a train set, rocket, fishbowl, photos of his friends on the wall, along with direct access to the street.

Oscar lives directly out of Elmo’s windows in the trash (obviously), with The Cookie Monster across the street in his one-room bach pad, complete with VHS cassette to watch old episodes of the show.

It does look like there is an abundance of stickers in this set. From street signs, to picture frames inside the house, and various shoutout to other characters scattered throughout.

Classicly Strange

It’s a call back to some classic Bert and Ernie behaviours we all know, and things that children won’t question. But, as it’s an 18+ set, here we go!

Having a bath in the bedroom is strange enough, however. Having your mate reading ‘Cooking With Oatmeal’ to you while you’re in the bath takes it to the next level. I imagine housemates, friends and partner all grew closer during lockdowns that happened/are happening around the world. But taking a bath would be that time away.

Where you get to be alone and relax, not a time for your housemate to read a 3 tile thick book on cooking with oatmeal. But, I guess most of the conversations we have been having in lockdown are based around what the next meal will be…


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