LEGO Monkie Kid returns for 2021 and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the entire range of sets before its launch on March 1st! Australia isn’t Monkie Kid’s target demographic, that goes to the Eastern cultures, but I am without a doubt in my mind that Australia will want to get their hands on a Monkie Kid set this time around. Strap yourself in, over the next 7 days, we’ll be reviewing each of the new Monkie Kid sets 1 by 1!

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LEGO 80020 – Monkie Kid – White Dragon Horse Jet

Give your little hero a fun, rewarding building experience and hours of creative play with this exciting LEGO® Monkie Kid™ jet plane playset (80020). A top-quality gift toy for children, it features Mei’s White Dragon Horse Jet, with 2 spring-loaded shooters and 2 stud shooters, a buildable, working vending machine, posable robotic spider, spider trap and stud-shooting hoverboard. Children can role-play as Mei and Mo the cat battling to save a civilian from the Spider Queen’s Huntsman, with 3 minifigures and a LEGO figure.

The Set

Introducing the only Monkie Kid set to come without Monkie Kid or the Monkey King! White Dragon Horse Jet is Mei’s newest high-tech jet of destruction, taking the fight to the bad guys in a bit of pizazz. Flying in to save the day from our evil Spider-Demon man and his arachnoid robot as they… they… make corrupted vending machines?

Now the plot of MK2021 hasn’t been revealed, but does this mean that the Spider Queen is poisoning the people of the city? Is this why she suddenly has spider allies? Are they just innocent people? Questions to be had…

Our little vending machine is ultimately dwarfed by the Horse Jet, but has a few nice little decals and things of note. First off, LEGO have made it so that our civilian Si simply just needs to scan his phone in the machine for it to dispense a drink! How progressive!

I am however very concerned for the types of drinks being spewed out by this machine… There is a ladybug, spider and even egg decal for some of these drinks. There is also a cliché spiderweb to catch our poor man in a stick web of trouble.


Our villain’s spider uses the new bent knee bar joint part in purple this time around, maybe insinuating a more proficient spider mech? I love the decals on the abdomen and the over aesthetic of these spiders quite a lot, but they best watch out for Mo on his hoverboard! A quick little snap together build with two stud shooters once again confirms how very well outmatched our bad guys are here.

Horse Jet

The Horse Jet does a really good job of working the head into the horse shape and even uses the triangle shield parts as a nice mane. Unfortunately, this is where the resemblances to horses stop. Now loaded up with big engines and big wings, the ship looks ready to take to the skies.


LEGO love having their subtle flex in the past few years of “Look! Azure! Remember how you guys wanted Azure! Azure!”. With the recent introduction of azure wedge plates. MOCer’s rejoiced! I do also feel the need to point out the big long six-stud slopes at the back of the ship though, I think that’s new and a weirdly large part.

The ship is not without its faults. Poor Mei wants to take to the skies as a pilot and see the world? That’s a shame, because she’ll only ever be looking up. Mei, just like the box art, has no choice as the pilot but to lie downwards and there isn’t enough of a significant tilt. For me to claim that she is looking forward.

If this was a Jet all about speed and nothing but speed, this would be perfect, but this thing is decked out in spring-loaded shooters and stud shooters. It’s a battle jet with a pilot with their head and eyes a little too high in the sky.

Civilian Si

Our civilian Si is unfortunately very generic, which serves perfectly as a bystander! His torso is a little bit rarer than most generic torsos go, but one thing I do want to point out it the phone. Seems like a new print for 2021, but I could be mistaken. Mo the Cat isn’t different from his previous year counterparts but is a welcome and fun addition.


Mei is clearly the bigger star and focus of this set, sporting her white-dragon-handle sword and adorned in techy-scaled dragon armour. Despite its limited versatility outside of the theme, the outfit is probably one of the best dragon-themed torsos I’ve seen and that’s including Ninjago. I love her hairpiece but do feel a bit saddened that a set based around this character doesn’t include the full getup and she’s without a helmet.


A first look, one could simply mistake Huntsman’s hairpiece as a recolour, but it is actually a new mould as to not touch his collar piece. I love that they went with a big furry coat design for this character, as it makes him seem more savage and tribalistic. Like a traditional Huntsman and furry like the Huntsman spider. I appreciate the vials on his chest and the runic belt around his torso and he’s just an all-round cool character to have. He even sports the Uruk-Hai blade as an oversized weapon as well. Big ticks for me here.


As far as my overall thoughts go about the set, I do really like the jet, but the vending machine feels like a weird afterthought. The spider is great, but after that, what hope does our villain have? It could have been better taking Mo’s hoverboard and instead recolouring it for the villain, but this is truly a one-sided fight. In complete honesty, this is one of the first sets in this wave where I look at what you get and the price tag associated with it and don’t think it’s quite worth what it’s worth. I feel like it should be at least $10 cheaper, but in its defence, it is almost double the part count of Red Son’s Inferno Jet and that’s worth $50AUD.

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