LEGO ‘Transforms’ nostalgia into a model for home!

LEGO 10302 – Transformers Optimus Prime

About This Set

Long rumoured and hyped, LEGO has finally made a Transformers model for collectors everywhere to sink their teeth into. Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Transformers is a very popular theme amongst older AFOLs. Heck, there’s whole dedicated communities that make Transformers MOCs.

So that begs the question, is this a worthy set for the Transformers licence? Are there models in existence that might already doing it better, or is there more than meets the eye with this set?

Optimus Truck

There is no doubt this version is based on the original appearance of Optimus Prime, and thus we get the classic version of Optimus’ disguise. Much like the transforming toys of our childhood, knowing that this set transforms means acknowledging the compromise of some aesthetics for functionality.

That being said, LEGO literally has years of source material to work off here. The end result is close to perfect. There are still some noticeable gaps that **just** don’t sit flush. One of the smarter details here is how well the blaster manages to blend in between the rear legs.

Optimus Prime

As yang to the ying, the Dr Jekyll to the Mr Hyde, Optimus’ transformed form is a fantastic balance against the truck version.

Optimus is a faithful recreation of the source material, and I honestly thought this model would be a lot more hollowed out than it actually is. The head, body, arms and general shaping of Optimus is really on point, but there is one thing that I personally don’t like.

There’s something up with his eyes. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I feel like they are just slightly too far receded into his own head. They need to be like 1/2 a stud more forward, and I’ll be honest, I don’t have a solution for that. But I’ll be damned I’m conflicted on this. Am I solo in this? Someone, please tell me.


Optimus’ transformation sequences is admittedly very smooth and doesn’t have many conflicting points. Whoever designed this set surely knows what they are doing.

It’s also worth pointing out some parts I’ve never seen before. The technic orange pins on the base of his feet that are rubberised. They’re clearly there to make sure Optimus stays upright and doesn’t eat dirt.


Optimus’ accessories comes with a nameplate, the Energon-Axe extension, and some Energon.

The Nameplates certainly seem to be a new trend for LEGO, appearing in sets like Buzz Lightyear. The other accessories for Optimus use quite a selection of relatively rare parts and colours, but otherwise provide nothing much special. For me, I don’t think I’d keep these things out for display, but they’re a nice touch.


I am quite sure that this set will be quite popular, and am even confident enough to say that there will be die-hard fans who will be likely to buy two sets for both versions of Optimus.

I still can’t shake the thought on his eyes personally, but otherwise, this one will be hard to keep in stock on launch.

There will definitely be AFOLs modifying this set, making Decepticons and Autobots in the same size, etc etc.

If you’re after this set, I’d advise go for it – the build is a lot of fun and, well, more than meets the eye.

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This article was written by Tim & Dannii.

Find them on Instagram at @legobuildingwithtimanddannii

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