LEGO® Disney™ The Enchanted Treehouse set review

LEGO Disney Princess Galore!

If you were to tell me that there would be a LEGO set that would eventually one day release with 12 Disney Princess characters in it that was less than $600 AUD, I would have called you a liar. But now here we are and I’m honestly stunned. But is this a set worth getting for the figures alone, or is it worth picking up for it all? Or not at all? Read on!

The Treehouse

First things first, this set is not based on any location. Nothing here makes a lick of sense across any Disney media as far as I’m aware. But all seem to have subtle notes of Disney references. There are a lot of new recolours of previous parts. Such as bright-light-blue plant stalks, translucent pearlescent purple rocks, crystals and large cracked 6×6 plates, as well as pink translucent Rivendell ferns.

The inside of the build has a smooth machine, hourglass, bookshelf riddled with references to all Disney princesses (not just the ones in this set!), and even a training dummy. From a lot of the translucent blue shards everywhere, I would assume that Elsa is in charge of this place. Probably something rich with the spirits or something straight out of Frozen II. There is also fun elements for kids to engage with for playtime storytelling, such as looking behind waterfalls, target practice, kayaking or campfires.

Truth be told, the set has a lot of bright colours and fun translucent elements that I believe are aimed at attracting young girls to LEGO for all the fun coloured elements. he Disney Princesses being a thick layer on top. No matter the context, these parts can be used for little girls’ imaginations for magic and wonder far beyond their interest for one Princess or another.


Okay, we’ve come to the big part. Minfigures.

Anna – Equipped with her Frozen II outfit and a nice cloak to boot. Big tick.

Pocahontas – The character design is great, but I think I would admittedly prefer the Minifigure version.

Mulan – I don’t feel like her face translated well in this new art style, but I still like the rest of her. Probably one of the more blander figs.

Jasmine – We’ve seen this figure in a few previous sets, so there is nothing necessarily riveting about her aside from the art style change.

Moana – I wish she came with the heart of Te Fiti, but otherwise I’m happy to have her.

Raya – Got a bit of a downgrade without her iconic sword, and honestly, feels weirdly out of place here.

Mirabel – Love her accordion accessory, but not one of my higher-rated figures.

Tinkerbell – Didn’t expect to see Tink here, and I love her wings. This is an easy way to get this figure for younger kids and is an absolute win. Just doesn’t work for size against the other figs.


Wendy – What a wildcard to see here. I like her hair moulding and kind of smug grin.

Belle – Always happy to have Belle as a figure, but it is admittedly weird seeing her without yellow arms.

Tiana – I am so happy to get Tiana in this set. She is massively underrepresented in a lot of things and stoked to have her here.

Elsa – Always happy to have another cloth piece, but being a dad of girls, I have a lot of her personally.


This is a quick hard-and-fast get-all-the-Disney-Princesses-for-my-girls speed run of a set if I ever saw one. Yes, it isn’t all of them, but it is a decent collection of mainstream characters and lesser-known ones too. There is also a fantastic diversity of the cast, with 6 traditionally white females, one Chinese, and the rest with various different racial tones and backgrounds.

This isn’t a set where I feel like the attraction comes from the build and the figures, and more the figures alone. The option of making the set more of a pretty parts pack with lots of figures is surely an easy way to get girls hooked on LEGO.  As an Adult cis man, I’m also hooked on this set.

100% in.


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