A Wall-Crawler that you’ll want to have in your house!

Let’s take a hands on look at and review the LEGO Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Wall Art set. As far as LEGO’s wall art lines go, they have been hitting it out of the park with representations of Van Gogh and the Great Wave off Kanagawa. But when it comes time for LEGO to try and make wall art based off of something of their own design, are the designers able to pull off this same level of perfection? Spider-Man is huge in the media now, and has been for the last 5 years. Is this the perfect set to add to any Spider-Man fan’s home?

The Wall-Crawler Wall Art

Our web swinging wall crawler appears in this set as a nice black/red/blue combination. Which has been executed to perfection to convey shadows and details all across the model. Spiderman’s head also comes with some iconic web printing, which is surprisingly the only web printing in the whole set, yet somehow enough.

The build itself also comprises of some uncommon elements to be able to help accentuate his pose, such as the large rounded corner slopes in two differing sizes for two differing shoulders. It is these little details on the model that really make it come to life, and details I admittedly missed when the first photos of the set came out.

Our backdrop of Spider-Man is a bubble-like pattern of lots and lots of rounded tiles. Using three different green colours that could almost be coloured swapped to represent the Super Collider’s effects from Into The Spider-verse. The set also gladly gives us plenty of Spider-Man webs, varying in different parts for different parts of the build.

The side on view of the wall art really  showcases how ‘alive’ this build can be. Our dear friend Peter Parker is actually climbing his way out of the frame! It does admittedly look weird and janky in some angles. I for one don’t like how the lower hand rests against the ground when putting the frame on a solid surface. I also have some minor gripes about Spider-Man’s hands looking a bit too black. But Dannii has an apposing view about how these represent the black of the gloves. I feel like it is a bit much, whereas she says its fine. Divided opinions I guess.


The LEGO Spiderman Wall-Art is definitely going to be a talking point in any home that it is displayed in.

In our household, Dannii and I hold some opposing thoughts when it comes to the overall pose and the fingers outside the frame, but the general consensus is still pretty good. We both would have loved to see this looking more like a classic Comic Book cover, with a large title above the titular hero, but for the sake of budget, this is a nice compromise.

The set does well to really ‘come alive’ from the picture, and it definitely feels like more bang for your buck compared to the Captain America’s Shield we recently reviewed.

If this is a set that interests you, we can recommend to pick it up.

I would also love to see more art of Spiderman like this. As J. Jonah Jameson would say “GET ME MORE PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!”


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