Captain America’s Shield: Zero or Hero?

LEGO have decided to continue their line of small LEGO Marvel memorabilia with the iconic LEGO Marvel Captain America’s Shield. First, we had Mjolnir, followed by the Black Panther bust. But how does a build based on an admittedly basic printed round shape hold up, and is it worth the hefty pricetag?

The Shield

Captain America’s Shield makes its way onto store shelves as a large display mantle. Clear as day idea and execution behind it. It’s not easy to build a large rounded LEGO shape, and from the front, this set does look nice.

But good heavens if you turn it around. This clean and smooth aesthetic of the build does not carry over to the rear. This is a set made to be seen from one angle and one angle alone.

The shield, which is of course not size accurate due to costs, is more of a buckler than a proper shield. What I did find disappointing to find out is that the shield sits mainly within the base, and that there is not way for you to actually hold it at the back. No handle, no Captain America with a mini-shield.

The Instructions

Okay, we have to talk about the instructions. The instruction booklet does look paper thin for a set with 3000+ parts in it, but that’s because of a nasty LEGO trick.

Do you like building those parts of sets that say 2x? What about 6x?

Well, I raise you the idea of 18x and 36x steps.

This build is repetitious to a T. And I can easily say that this was not an enjoyable build experience. Unless you enjoy a production line, then it’s very enticing.

Captain American Minifigure

Captain America comes as a figure in this set, but if you’ve bought any LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets over the past few years with him in it, he’s nothing new.

What is a bit of a shame is how is attached to the base. A weird translucent piece placement that makes me think that this was more a last-minute addition to the set rather than a planned idea.


So, what is the overall thoughts?

This is a set for people who collect Marvel memorabilia or décor. It’s ideally suited to be MOC’d to hang up on a wall or placed somewhere like a gallery alongside Mjolnir and the Black Panther bust. But for the rest of us? I can’t seem to get myself to like the set. Especially for the price tag of $320 AUD (my local currency).

It’s an incredibly dull building experience, and although I can attest it to being like the Globe set, this just really has no interesting display value compared to the latter. I feel like you could possibly just Bricklink the parts to this set and get it cheaper, as the Marvel tax is surely making this an expensive set.

If this is something you are interested in, by all means go for it. But I can’t see how the average LEGO fan will be displaying this in their home.


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