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A tower to tower over all other towers!

LEGO Marvel has not been afraid to go all out and try their luck with large sets packed with Minfigures. The Daily Bugle, Sanctum Sanctorum, No Way Home Final Battle as some examples. But where these sets really strive is in the power of impact. Is it big? Is it eye-catching? Does it have stories that make you want to see more, or is it an over glorified shell?

These are all things that we’re looking for as we take our deep dive into the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower. Want to know more? Read on!

Let’s Get Started

First thing is first, this thing is big! It is taller than the Daily Bugle set. It also comes with a simple but neat option to easily remove all the windows covering one side of the building at once.

Plus there are various extra elements that can be attached all across the set to enact different scenes also.

One of the big drawbacks that fans had with the Daily Bugle set was that the Green Goblin’s glider smashing through the exterior window. This made the set look not as nice when he was removed. It seems LEGO has heard this, and made the set devoid of smashed windows. We can still have scenes of Tony armouring up as he falls. Or Black Widow stealing a Chitauri Glider without compromising the aesthetic overall.

There are plenty of options to choose, and you can choose which era of Avengers you’d like. First film, Ultron or Endgame!

It has lots of details going forward here, so I’ll be as concise as I can.

Out On The Street

The exterior of our giant building has  few little details to start out adventure off. But with references to the Captain America Museum, a Memorial marking the battle of New York, it sets the scene. Along with Nick Fury’s little beeper thing to contact Captain Marvel.

Our base of the building is equipped with Technic Pins, allowing you to attach the building to any modular buildings or the Sanctum Sanctorum that came previously.

Inside Ground Level

Flowing on from street, out interior ground level mocks that of the scene from Avenger’s Endgame. Where in an attempt for the Tesseract, the plan fails and Loki escapes captivity.

Although this is one of the most open floors, with high ceilings and open floor plan, it recreates the scene in a way that isn’t too crowded. You need 5 figures and Ant-Man to complete the setup (excluding Hulk coming down the stairs, which is absent from the scene entirely).

Level 1

The first level of the Avengers Tower admittedly had me a little confused from the beginning. As I wasn’t sure what scene this was supposed to represent.

This was until I realised that this interior wasn’t representing scenes solely from the Avenger’s Tower, but from the Avengers movies altogether. Our rear of this floor has a stretcher laid out, as well as a few digital tech screens and the mind-stone. This particular scene is representing the creation of Vision in the pod, where Dr. Cho begins to upload Ultron into the body.

It helps make a lot more sense as to why Wanda is in this set, as she was overviewing the scene. But I feel like the choice to not have an Ultimate Ultron or Quicksilver here doesn’t encapsulate the scene as well as it could have.

Just above this space is brick built representations of Ultron and JARVIS talking to each other, before he is shut down by Ultron, as well as broken glass bridge.

The broken glass bridge represents the scene from Avengers: Endgame. Where Captain America must fight Captain America, and the classic “America’s Ass” joke was made.

Glad to see this appear in the set. Feels right.

Level 2

The second level of the tower is a suit repair hub, which provides all manner of goodies to look at. There is his Arc reactor on the side. As well as a number of detailed panels showing information on Ultron, Loki and his suit as well.

As much as I like this, I do think it was a missed opportunity by not having the Peacekeeper Iron Man suits from the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron here. They could be repaired in this space, or show the birth of Ultron’s physical form. It would have also been easy to have a section of windows open up for them to fly into.

Level 3

Level 3 is probably the strangest choice of a level. It’s used to hold Loki, much akin to Loki’s cell on the Helicarrier in the first Avengers film. Aside from the chamber, there is a newspaper article referencing the first Iron Man film. As well as Arnim Zola on the computer screen. One of the digitized villains of Hydra from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Level 4

The fourth level of the build is arguably the one that fans would be most excited for.

This level shows off the landing dock for the Helicarrier, as well as the interior party scenes that show the Avengers during their downtime. There is a TV screen with a news report on the Hulk and a space for Thor’s hammer on the coffee table. Allowing fans to recreate the scene from the second Avengers Film.

There’s also a translucent stick element that is used here to help re-encapsulate the scene of Hawkeye leaping from a building and firing an arrow upwards. Neat.

Top Level

Well, if the shape in the floor wasn’t context enough, our dear villain Loki has had a smashing good time at the hands of the Hulk! This is probably one of my favourite fun details of the set overall. It’s simply but effective!

The one downside to this scene however is the fact you can barely squeeze the Hulk and Loki in in a way that mimics the smashed floor pattern.


The Avengers Quinjet is by far one of the smallest (but not THE smallest) iterations we’ve received in LEGO form. For the size of the vehicle, this is actually a fantastic build! There are obvious limitations to what can be done with this set but I honestly really really like this, and it’s easy enough to reproduce to make more.

Chitauri Leviathan

The Chitauri Leviathan, like the Quinjet, gets a bit of a downsize for the LEGO set. Also, if you didn’t have golden claw elements before, you sure as heck do now! Being able to take lots of a part in a repeating pattern works really well for this creature, and outside of that the build may be simple, but effective.

I know there are going to be people who wished this guy was bigger, and me too to an extent. It would just crank the price up too high to justify, and the focus is the building.


Well, this set is surely not short of minifigures with 31 included!. There is a lot to unpack here and a lot to go through, so I’m going to spitfire through these figures as quickly as I can.

Alexander Pierce

Glad to get him in LEGO for a first, but is otherwise a basic figure (no fault to the designers here!)

Tony Stark (Casual)

This figure isn’t unique to the set as all of these pieces have been released before. For those without the shirt, it’s a nice addition to the lot. Wish we had a different head without the HUD however.

Iron Man MK 7

This is a clean and nice figure. It’s also nice to see LEGO going back to the classic helmet mould for these figures. That being said, nothing exciting to get here for Iron Man suit collectors.

Iron Man MK 6

A welcome addition to the line-up, as we rarely get battle-damaged suits!

Nick Fury

This is the same figure that we have gotten since the Spider-Man Far From Home sets. I’m glad he’s here, but wish we could get more facial expressions.

Kevin Feige

Weird add to the line-up, but I’m sure many fans would love to get their hands on it. Hopefully this opens up possibility of Stan Lee down the line. Also, Avengers Logo cap!

Black Widow

Probably 0ne of the hardest figures to try and encapsulate. Always happy to see that arm printing though!

Pepper Potts

Although not a significant figure, her inclusion feels necessary. I do think her facial expression/hair combo make her look a little too young though.


What an upgrade! This is probably my favourite glow-up from an old school figure that I’ve seen in a long time. Perfect.

Dr. Cho

The scientist that helped make Ultron. Although not relevant to the scene of Avenger’s tower outside of the dinner scene, I’m glad that we finally have her.

Captain America x2

Going to cheat here and lump them in together. I do wish we got these figures with a dual moulded leg with boots. But I guess I’ll have to settle here. Good to have two to make up fight scenes, but not the best renditions of the characters.

War Machine

Feeling very reminiscent of the early renditions of War Machine, this figure is a printing upgrade from the last. I still personally prefer the black over gunmetal, but this works too.


This is a representation of the deconstructed and broken version of Ultron’s first appearance. I do appreciate his inclusion in the set, but his previous version I feel like was a little better. Also, why include him but not some of the converted Iron Man Suits he takes over?

Elrik Selvig

Another first time appearance character! Although somewhat simple, it perfectly encapsulates the scene from the top of the tower!


I do love the use of the lightning piece for his Hammer, but I can’t help but feel like his face is wrong. Although Thor has facial hair in the Avengers film, it is light like a 5-o’clock shadow more so. This feels too heavy.


An odd figure to add to the lineup, as it feels like Doctor Strange should also arguably be here if he is. I feel like previous renditions of the character have done better. This same Wong is in the Sanctum Sanctorum and the 2023 Advent Calendar! The set comes with a small build so you can have him appearing through a portal in the air or wherever you would like, but it feels a bit misplaced.


I absolutely love the new cape that’s used for Vision in this set! He looks more akin to his comic-book debut, but I can’t help feel like the translucent legs is a odd choice.


Another character that is added to the line-up that doesn’t quite feel like it belongs. I’m sure fans are glad to see the return of the fabric waistcoat! I understand that she is here for the Vision Creation scene, but it doesn’t feel right without the ultimate Ultron.


As much as I like the face and body printing on Falcon, I’ve never personally been a fan of the brick-built wings that Falcon had gotten over the last couple of years, as this is one of the more dull ones. I wish they could have used the ones in the Marvel CMF.


Another odd addition to the line-up, but a quality figure. I feel like her helmet has been better done here than previous iterations, by far.


Loki is probably one of the best done figures by LEGO for the Marvel line. There isn’t much to change between printing iterations, and it works really well. I’m a big fan of the mouthguard for when he is imprisoned, but I do wish we had another head with more faces on it for him. When he’s getting thrashed about by Hulk, he seems waaaaay to into it…

Shield Agents x3

One is Tony Stark, and the other two are other skin tone representations! Yay! I love the new torso, but this really hits home as to why Tony needs a ‘civilian’ headpiece.

Chitauri x 4

Well, if you didn’t have them before, you got them now! These guys are the helping the army-builder side of things, and as much as people might hate it, for a scene like this, you need these guys here. They are no different then the last few iterations, so bulk up that army!


A microfigure version, I get it, but would have loved a normal sized Minifigure.


Hulk finally gets the new big upgrade he really needs – and that is a new head that can turn, bulky body (which now has stud on the back to stick enemies jumping on him to) and terrifying grin! I do feel like it is a little too… evil. But otherwise, solid figure. But where is Bruce?


This is a massive set, and it is one heck of a build time for the overall thing.

At a big price tag, there are a lot of things to love about the tower, but it isn’t devoid of it’s problems either. Much akin to the Daily Bugle, there are figures that are easy to get, and then there are some exclusive figures to boot. I do like that there is a lot of customisation options for display, but I think I’m going to personally leave a lot of those extras off.

It’s a building with a clean aesthetic and a lot of AFOLS will love to add it to their cities. The designers did a great job with the task at hand, but scenes do feel a bit cramped here and there.

The set is a big investment. Just make sure you’re in it for the building, and not just the figures.


Thank you for reading

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