LEGO Marvel New Release June 2023

LEGO Marvel Construction Figures are coming in hot for June ’23!

Continuing on from the Marvel Ironman and Spidermen from yesteryear. LEGO is now broadening itself out with a new cast of characters for their construction lines, with some new releases.

We had Ant-Man not too long ago, so how about Captain America and Wolverine? Let’s take a look.

The first thing to note is that these models use a new moulded face. Instead of being extravagantly flat like the Ironman and Spiderman ones, these new heads have moulded noses to help convey a face underneath the mask. Big win!

The builds are relatively the same in principle. But differ in the smaller details. Cap’s legs look fantastic to convey his boots, and Wolverine’s claw hands work really well with the size limitations to do what they do.

Also, I gotta point out the flesh colours. I’m still weirded out by it all, and Cap got us flesh fingers. Eughgh…

I originally was against Captain America’s face printing, but it has grown on me. Whereas Wolverine is instantly iconic for the genre (which is 97’ X-men as per the box).

My thoughts on these two figures going into this was honestly, a little bleak. But upon realising all the smaller details that have been put into the models, they’ve grown on me.

I am hopefully optimistic about these types of sets going forward. But who in the line-up could be next?

Wolverine Construction Figure

  • LEGO® Marvel™ Wolverine Construction Figure (76257)
  • RRP AUD $TBD – CA $TBD – EUR €37.99 – UK £31.99 – USA $TBD

  • 327 piece

Captain America Construction Figure

  • LEGO® Marvel™ Captain America Construction Figure (76258)
  • RRP AUD $TBD – CA $TBD – EUR €37.99 – UK £31.99 – USA $TBD

  • 310 piece

Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles

  • LEGO® Marvel™ Black Widow & Captain America Motorcycles (76260)
  • RRP AUD $TBD – CA $TBD – EUR €15.99 – UK £12.99 – USA $TBD

  • 130 piece

This set is an easy grab for someone looking to grab a fresh new-looking Captain America for cheap. Alongside an Age-Of-Ultron Black Widow to boot.

The bikes are simple enough, both with stud shooters and a relative copy-and-paste build. But there are some subtle differences between them to give some character to the bikes. The colour pallet, bike heights and weapon storage. Plus, allowing Cap’s shield to be placed on the front of the bike like in the films.

There’s not too much to say about this small build. But that’s where the charm is. It’s simple, easy, and great for kids in pairs of two. Also, easy way to get Cap’s cap!

Available from and LEGO Stores from 1st June 2023.


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