LEGO 76259 Batman Construction Figure

Batman appears in his largest LEGO form yet!

LEGO has been quite quiet on the DC front. But with the recent announcement of the new Batcave, it was only expected that Batman would be the one to make waves. With the construction line ramping up and starting to really get good, does Batman survive the switch from Minifigure to Construction figure? Read on!

Build The Batman

The Batman figure is LEGO‘s first DC Construction figure. As far as a debut goes, this rocks! Everything iconic about Batman is here. The cowl, the cape, spikey bits on the arms and the gadget belt all make their way in. Batman also uses the new face-moulded faceplate to really lean into that unimpressed scowl he has.

Batman comes with quite the articulate amount of posing, allowing for some really dynamic ways to pose the dark knight up on a shelf. But I do wish his hands weren’t so… claw-like. With no shield, claws, or anything to distract from his hands, they certainly stick out a bit more.

Because of the all-black person of the Bat, the grey ball joint connectors really stand out, despite LEGO trying to lean into the colour elsewhere on the model. I feel like it may have been better to opt for all-black as much as possible. Or a solid 50/50 of black and dark grey here.

But aside from that, there isn’t anything too exciting about this figure. No new recolours or new moulds. Black is black, and that’s that.


For a debut construction figure for the DC line, Batman was an obvious choice. He really comes together well. Although I have minor gripes about the ball joint connectors, they are small nitpicks in the grand scheme of things.

What is a shame however is the lack of bat-a-rangs or grappling guns that the figure seems to be lacking.

Still, big tick from me if you’re considering picking it up. But it does leave me to wonder who is next in the DC lineup…


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