LEGO 40647 Lotus Flowers

LEGO’s little lavish lineup of Lotus flowers; like or loathe?

It’s no surprise to anyone that LEGO‘s botanical line is going stronger than ever. But when the small sets start popping up, sometimes the transition doesn’t work too well. Today, we aren’t talking about the Tulips of yesteryear, but instead looking at the LEGO Lotus Flowers to see how they hold up on the small scale.

Building The LEGO Lotus Flowers

The LEGO Lotus flowers are the new cheap botanical set for 2023. Following on from the Roses set and the Tulips of previous years. Where one of those sets was a thumbs up for me, the other was a down. How do the Lotus flowers compare?

The build comprises a similar technique used for the Roses. Where the petals are clipped onto a technic steering wheel, which I have not personally seen in white before. Each of the petals also has 12 inverted stud 2×2 tiles, and uses some of the newer curved slopes that come into a point. Adding to this, the yellow parts used for the centre of the model are great here too.

If there is anything to grab from what I’m saying, it’s this. The parts are great!

Other than the parts in the set, there isn’t too much more to discuss. The plants look exactly like a Lotus flower, and you can’t fault that at all.


With these sets, it’s not hard to tell that this is a very much what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of deal. But for a cheap little flower set, this is really kind of cute.

As mentioned before, parts are neat, uncommon and come together nicely.

It’s a set that continues the trend to be a nice little gift for someone who regularly kills plants. Win-win!


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