LEGO Jade Rabbit 40643 review

A Rabbit of the Moon for your home in the Sun

With the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival coming up, it would be expected for LEGO to make something rabbit related to mark the occasion. For those who are unaware, the Mid-Autumn Festival correlates to the Moon Goddess Chang’e and her Jade Rabbits who live with her on the moon. Those who have seen some of the previous Monkie Kid sets would know a bit about this table, as Chang’e made a direct appearance in the show.

So with the Festival soon here, is this a nice little set to pick up? Read on!

LEGO Jade Rabbit complete set

The Jade Rabbit

The Jade Rabbit build is a small build much akin to a lot of the LEGO Gift-with-Purchases that have happened over the past few years. Where there is a build of a rabbit with some sort of decorative base. This time around, LEGO use that same sort of format but opts for a more cutesy bunny with character and a more lively backdrop.

Our titular Rabbit is ever so happy to be churning away with the barrel to make (supposedly) mooncakes. Although with no articulation, it is about what you would expect in a set of this size.

The backdrop for our rabbit is complete with a Chinese Lantern, a small river build and snowy outcrops. It also comes with a large yellow moon, which could be easily misinterpreted as a sun, and even has the base open up to reveal two minifigure-sized rabbits.


Overall, this is a cute set that ticks a lot of the intended audience boxes. But it is clear to me that it isn’t aimed at someone such as myself.

That being said, it’s a nice fun build, and kids of all ages would enjoy any form of bunny build. For those involved in the festival or a part of that culture, seems like an easy win.


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