LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep Camera 21345 - Brick Banter

Oh snap! It’s another LEGO Ideas review!

LEGO have sent us another LEGO Ideas set to review, and it’s one that I know a lot of people have their eyes on. It’s the LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera.

The LEGO Polaroid Camera is an iconic bit of history, one filled with nostalgic memories of yesteryear. For me personally, it’s a reminder of LEGO Masters Season 2’s replication challenge with Jen and Jodie replicating a different polaroid camera.

But enough distractions! Is this set all its hyped up to be? Or just like the real camera, is it more a relic? Read on!

LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep 21345 - Brick Banter - New Release Review

Around The Body

The first thing to note is the body of the Poloroid camera is very faithful to the original model. Where possible, LEGO have avoided any sort of exposed studs for a clean aesthetic.

I’m a fan of the way LEGO has used the 2×6 wedge plates to create a clean slope at the front of the model and still incorporate the coloured stripes. The slope isn’t a clean flush to the body at the top, but it’s as close as you can get with current parts.

The black slopes are the rear keep to a uniform pattern of exposed studs, and there are a few points where you can see through the cracks. These slopes are hard to pull off, and mainly out of sight when the model is displayed, so I can easily overlook this.

I love that the eyehole is functional, and that some stickers are interchangeable too.

Photo Dispenser

Not only is an aesthetically pleasing model, it’s a functional one. Press the red button on the side, and the photos whip out the front.

I didn’t really expect that a model of this size would make this work, but believe me it does. Huge credit to the designers on this one.

How the functionality of the model works really needs to be seen to be believed, and I love that the model also folds out at the front.

Polaroid Photos

The set comes with a few photos to choose from, and when not in use, put away. The small addition of a photo pack on the side is great touch.

Each of the photos in the reel represent something, with my favourite being the clear representation of the LEGO House in Billund.


This set is an absolute gem to me. The replication is fantastic, the functionality is amazing, and it looks so good up on a shelf.

The price point is also incredibly fair, and cheap for LEGO Ideas too! That’s less than the LEGO Botanical Plant Pots!

I don’t think anyone would regret this purchase, and this is a real win for the designers.


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