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Song, Space, and Skates – A Sample of Jan 24’s LEGO Creator!

January 2024 is coming in hot and fast, and with plenty of reveals coming out week by week, it looks to be a strong one. Here are a few of the Creator 2024 line-up to look at. Space, sports and music, what’s not to love?

Three small sets, so three quick reviews. Read on!

LEGO Creator 3-In-1 Retro Roller Skate 31148



A little quaint set displays a roller skate as it’s primary model, and it isn’t anything short of cute. With a fresh pop of colour with bright baby blues and popping yellow, it certainly captures your attention.

The Retro Roller Skate set is coming with two alternate models of a Boombox and a skateboard. Its colour choice really is the thing that makes this stand out. The build itself is quite standard run of the mill style building. But I’m really happy to see LEGO going for medium to small sized creator sets.

Check out the technique used in the making of the shoelaces is quite a fun notable feature. But the big thing is those wheels. Pink recoloured wheels will do wonders for fans who have wanted to recreate sets like the DeLorean in rainbow. If that’s something fun you want to do!

LEGO Creator 3-In-1 Space Astronaut 31152

Astronaut in Space set is probably going to be a big winner with the LEGO Space community this year. We recently found out about the slew of space sets coming our way in March 2024, and this guy fits right in.

The visor element makes it’s first appearance in what I call ‘Scratchy Gold’. So make sure to keep it safe!

Designers have really done their research in aiming for accuracy, as the set feels right on the money. I’m also a huge fan of the fact the stand is included with the set to hold him up like that, and then can be broken down for the other alternative models. A fantastic model!

LEGO Creator 3-In-1 Tropical Ukulele 31156

Probably my favourite out of the three we have on hand, the Ukulele is easily worth the pricetag attached to it. This set feels like a bit of art, as there is little to no studs left exposed anywhere on the model.

The silvered band elements used for the strings was a perfect choice, and although it likely set the size for the model, it just works.

I’m also a massive fan of Light Royal Blue coloured things, and this ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Even the sand base and the flower interact with the model really well but don’t overtake it too much. It almost looks like it belongs on a postcard. So so beautiful!


Out of the three sets, the Ukulele is clearly my favourite and sits rungs above the other two sets.

Simply put, all the sets we’ve gotten a chance to look at here are all really good. Space Astronaut is going to be popular, the Ukulele is a small bit of art, and the pink wheels of the Skates opens up a lot of MOC potential.

If any of these sets seem like something you’d want to buy, I have no hesitation in recommending these awesome sets!

Available from and LEGO Stores from 1st January 2024.


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