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A throwback to classic LEGO Friends in a modern way.

Andrea’s Modern mansion is probably one of the largest and fanciest LEGO Friends sets to date. With 10 years behind it, and the reintroduction of the original cast, Andrea’s Mansion certainly has a high bar set. Is this the set to end all LEGO Friends sets? Is this the best thing to get your kids in the new year? One way to find out, read on!

Ground Level

The ground level of the set greets us with a staircase to the main door, as well as a below-house garage and underground work studio. There are two garden beds on the ground floor, one amongst rock works and the other at the receiving end of a lavish waterfall that drops off from the top floor.

The front-most garden involves a large number of plants strewn across the rocks, which if I’m bring honest. I don’t know what plants these are supposed to be.

These flower builds are used in both flower beds, and I would have assumed them to be succulents, but they are orientated upright and sideways. It’s just a little confusing.

The underground garage houses the set’s only sportscar. It’s small enough to encapsulate the vehicle, but not large enough to actually be able to pose figures next to it to try and get in.

The underground studio is probably my favourite part of the set. We get an underwater view of the outside pool, as well as some fantastic stickers for the editing software and awards. The pop of colour in the floor and the bookcase/records are also fantastic.

And then the keyboard can be pulled out to reveal a bed! Fantastic.

Level 1

The first level of the mansion brings in the full lavish lifestyle of the mansion – a pool, a private spa, and an open balcony with drinks and cakes on display. We also have a grandiose white piano and teak sundeck for tanning. If it wasn’t clear enough that this person is rich, well, here’s your proof.

I’m a huge fan of how the designers enacted the pool ring; by having some figures stand and another be in the floating ring. It conveys the sense of water really really well.

This is the floor where I feel a lot of the action/play will occur, so the space is quite open and accommodating to the large cast of characters.

Level 2

The second floor of the mansion is a lot more intimate, and is ultimately Andrea’s personal quarters.  Or is this Amani’s? Here we can find lots of personal photos from current and past Friends characters.

The lounge room has a fancy modernised lounge, as well as a pet bird with small tree. The combination of the yellow colours alongside the orange works really well, and I like the translucent character that carries through this floor.

Andrea/Imani’s Bedroom is certainly the smallest room at the top floor, and probably my least favourite space in the set. The bed has a headboard which I don’t quite like, and the desk feels really small. The fact that she has a small desk to draw on with a cartoony aspect feels really out of place too.


The rooftop of the build is not in short supply of detail either. The solar panels are a happy distraction from the mechanism that operates the elevator in the set. The upstairs is also split in two spaces; personal and entertaining.

The entertaining side has a karaoke machine, upstairs lounge, chair, and open flame heater. The opposing side is a lot more zen, with a scented candle, teak decking and yoga mat and koi fish pond.

There is a small screen with yoga playing on it, and the overflow from the pond creates the waterfall that spans to the ground level.

Also, the palm tree elements that meet this floor – they are new for 2024. 2×1 plant bases with a hole element, which allows for more full looking palm trees.


One of the biggest highlights of the set for LEGO Friends fans is the reappearance of all the original cast members in a single set, all grown up. As much as the other figures in the set are great, they are absolutely dwarfed by this.

The original cast of girls have all grown up and achieved their dreams, and their attire shows how different their walks of life are. Mia is more casual than the others, whereas Andrea is definitely more glitz and glam.

Out of the original cast, I think that Olivia and Emma are my favourites, as they seem more befitting their personalities, and still with some character in them.


The car of the set is a super modern sports car, and feels like a model more at home with Speed Champions. That isn’t a fault, but a compliment! The car uses an array of angles and shapes to get a sporty look, but leads on to stickered rear element.

Feels like a little bit of a let down, but it doesn’t bother me as much as you would expect. The curved slope element is recoloured in trans-red here too!


My final thoughts on the set are a bit conflicting. On the one hand, I think that LEGO have a tremendously good job with their execution of the mansion. The car is great, the addition of a pool, studio, yoga and waterfall make the set feel concise and well rounded.

But its for those reasons that I’m a bit hesitant. This is a set that showcases a rich and lavish lifestyle, which most of us will never experience.

For a set that showcases a closure of the original cast, I worry kids will take away this is the ultimate end goal and what you need to be successful. If the message conveys this is what you need, its an unrealistic damaging expectation.

The set is great, the price is definitely a bit jarring, but for what LEGO have done, it’s a great set. I’m just worried about the message.


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