There’s a new wave of LEGO Friends sets out – and a fair few nice details that just have to be pointed out!

Mobile Fashion Boutique – 41719

The Mobile Fashion Boutique is the smallest set of the newest Friends wave, but that isn’t to say it isn’t without its charm. Our eldest daughter, who is 4 and just learning how to make sets, managed to make this one all on her own.

Biggest thing that we have to point out is the vibrancy of colour in this little set! This is the easiest and cheapest way to get the ponytail piece in magenta, as well as a fair handful of the bows and hairpieces too. Also, the outfits here are really fun!

LEGO Friends have been making the shift to electric power lately, and here’s the easiest way to get your own electric bike! The printed 1×1 tile also comes in this set as a spare.

The set also comes with a coral coloured helmet, a somewhat uncommon part in the Friends line in the cheaper sets.

Horse Show Trailer – 41722

The Horse Show Trailer is quite a large set, despite how it looks on the box. I was surprised by the size of the builds, and the fact it all packs up and away quite neatly. Doesn’t mean that there are little details that are easily overlooked!

LEGO bring back their aim of diversity with the re-use of their blind character, Savannah. It’s great to show her here as being able to still enjoy horse rides and not letting her disability define what she can and can’t do. Really focuses on how much her disability inclusion in the Friends line isn’t just a gimmick.

For those unfamiliar with LEGO Friends, there are these newer packs of accessories that come within their own bag within the set. These accessories usually have some really fun unique parts. And this is the second time we get them in gold, and the first for the LEGO Friends line! These medals are quite the highlight, in my opinion. Because they are normally in pinks or blues, which don’t look as nice.

Controversial opinion; LEGO Friends cars are a lot better than LEGO City cars. Being able to use a larger size vehicle means that they can use a gearstick as window wipers.

The car also is big enough to fit four figures!

You wouldn’t think it, but this place has a kitchen, oven and even a bathroom!

It’s not until you open the rear of the build that you can really see all the fun details packed in. All the golden accessories, a bucket of water for cleaning, fun stickers showing a calendar, cleaning soaps, and a hilarious nameplate!

Mia’s Wildlife Rescue – 41717

The Wildlife Rescue is by far the oddest, but overwhelmingly appreciated new set for the Friends wave. Taking the world beyond the borders of Heartlake City and to the savannah. The build is really elevated by its new colour scheme and feel.

One of the most fun details of the set is the X-ray machine for the Zebra, which details their broken front leg. Best part is, this isn’t Zebra specific, and can be used with any of the foal moulds!

The figures are ethnically diverse and so vibrant! Also, love the 2×2 round sticker above the entry door!

Even the new giraffe mould loves the 2×6 prints that adorn the side of the build.

Emma’s Art School – 41711

The Art School is probably one of the more dime-a-dozen styled buildings with the LEGO Friends line. But there are some subtle things that set it apart from other builds.

For starters, the Art School logo here is fantastic! It also uses the 4×4 rounded tile from the Super Mario line as its base. The pencil and brush are fun, and the windows are all also different colours to give it a fun artistic “pop!”

A neat little photo booth on the top floor with a fun background. There’s even an optional camera lens!

There’s a new styled sewing machine, made using a clever assembly of an ice skate. Grooved tiles and even a cheese slope for the pedal on the floor!

And we even get two different interpretations of the same landscape. Art at its finest! (The paintbrushes are relatively new. As they have one whole end as one colour rather than the small printing that they used to!)

Organic Farm – 41721

LEGO is taking 2022 back to its farmland roots, as both LEGO Friends and LEGO City are getting farm-themed sets this year.

I personally don’t have many animals in my collection of the LEGO Friends theme. So it’s always nice to get ourselves another kitten.

I personally love the signs used to showcase produce, easily a welcome addition to the line. Oh and that tractor isn’t just a fun build in a bright colour, it’s also electric!

Everyone loves a chicken coop. Even when it is functional! Just turn the knob on the right-hand side and the eggs fall out below! This is the first instance of this chicken in a new dark orange colour.

The figures that come in this set are quite rad, but the highlight is the older gentleman. Very easy for kids to connect a story about the farmer hurting himself and needing some help. His bald cap is the first time we’ve seen it since Alfred Pennyworth from the LEGO Batman Movie

Rooftop details show a little bit of weathering, but that isn’t to say that it can’t be whizzed up with decorative lights!

Andrea’s Theatre School – 41714

This set is probably going to be one of the most popular sets of the wave, in my opinion. The building is great, but the references are greater.

Brickadilly Circus is a reference to Piccadilly Circus.

Stage director’s jacket screams “Fun Drama Teacher from the 90’s” to me.

Viewing windows are perfect for the Muppets.

Play on words here is great; Assembly Theatre – Assembly, as the name of the place, a group of people together in unison, and LEGO bricks. Triple pun! Also some fun NPU with gold crowbars.

Accessories on the side are neat, giving us some CMF parts and Build-A-Minifigure exclusives (tiger cap) as well.

New Coral coloured bin!

The two backdrops for the stage are neat, but so is the reference to the original Yellow Castle!

Toilets feel like a VIP station with the details on the door.


Designers of the LEGO Friends line seem to be having more and more fun as time progresses, and it really shows. Were there any we missed? Don’t hesitate to tell us!

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