LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragons Tale 21348 - Brick Banter - New Release Review

LEGO Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS set, developed in partnership with Wizards of the Coast

Today the LEGO Group unveils the LEGO Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set, a fan-designed brick representation of the iconic table-top game.


Released in the year DUNGEONS & DRAGONS turns 50. This is the first time the LEGO Group has developed a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS set and to do so they turned to their fans to create the design, via a challenge on the LEGO Ideas platform.

Based on a brief co-developed by the Wizards of the Coast team, over 600 LEGO fans submitted DUNGEONS & DRAGONS inspired designs. But the winner was 23-year-old Lucas Bolt (known as BoltBuilds) from Amsterdam who created his version of the game in LEGO bricks.

Lucas then worked closely with LEGO Design team, to develop the unique setting represented in the final set.  In addition, the Wizards of the Coast team developed a bespoke adventure for the set.


The Set

The 3,745-piece set is incredibly detailed featuring a tavern with a removable roof, so you can see inside to the upper level.  The set also features a dungeon and a tower.

Also included are six LEGO Minifigures. Orc Rogue, Gnome Fighter, Elf Wizard and Dwarf Cleric, plus brick-built monsters, such as a beholder, an owlbear and a displacer beast. Also featured is the giant Cinderhowl red dragon that builders can wrap around the tower.

LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragons Tale 21348 - Brick Banter - New Release Review News

Help From The Fans

The LEGO Group also turned to their fan community on the LEGO Ideas platform, giving them a chance to design the cover of the set’s building instructions. The winning design by Chris Yu features an epic battle using techniques to create depth in the image. While showcasing good against evil centered around the iconic 20-sided die that’s set to determine the outcome.

Chris’ design was a celebration of the game’s core values of collaboration, creativity, and adventure.

Watch A LIVE Games Night

In celebration of the new set, the LEGO Group invited well-known DUNGEONS & DRAGONS players to LEGO House for an epic game night.  Anjali Bhimani took the chair as the Dungeon Master and was joined by Luis Carazo and Ginny Di. As well as fan designer Lucas and LEGO Designer Jordan Scott. Who all participated in an epic adventure on a very special custom-made LEGO DUNGEONS & DRAGONS table.

Recorded live, fans can now watch all the action when the game premieres on and the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS YouTube and Twitch channels. On 6th April at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 00:00 CST.

LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragons Tale 21348 - Brick Banter - New Release Review News

Adventure Book

Fans can also get a specially created DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure book. Created in partnership by Wizards of the Coast and the LEGO Group, to offer a completely new and unique play experience.

Available for LEGO Insiders as a free digital download, or as a paperback book for 2,700 Insider points (whilst stocks last). The book is also available at D&D Beyond along with character sheets, a digital dice and more.

From The Fan Designer

Commenting on his inspiration for the design, Lucas, said. “The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS theme combined with my love of history, fantasy and making games. Inspired me to create a playable layout with different challenges and routes to explore. I had so much fun designing this piece, and it is a real privilege seeing my design developed into a detailed LEGO set to celebrate 50 years of the iconic game.”


From The LEGO Designer

In relation to bringing Lucas’ design to life, LEGO Design Manager, Jordan Scott, said. “Lucas’ design perfectly captured the storytelling excitement of any DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. Working with the Wizards of the Coast team, we were able to build on his design to co create a truly authentic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experience. Full of details that will excite fans through the building process and beyond.”

“LEGO bricks and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS have been used by fans to generate stories and build adventures. For so long that bringing these two creative brands together during our 50th Anniversary felt like a no-brainer.” Said Dan Rawson, Global Play Lead on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and RPGs. “With the amazing LEGO Ideas set designed by Lucas Bolt, the adventure package available on D&D Beyond. The LEGO Minifigure series coming this fall, fans will have so many new sparks of imagination available to enjoy creating fantasy stories together with friends and family.”


Get Your Set Signed

In the press release the LEGO Group said, “Join us at the Amsterdam flagship LEGO Store as we welcome Lucas Bolt. The mastermind behind the new LEGO® Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale on Saturday 6th April. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and meet Lucas between 9am – 12pm to have your new LEGO Ideas set signed. Making it totally unique and collectable.

Release Information

The LEGO Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set is available for LEGO Insiders from 1st April 2024 via LEGO Stores and For all from 4th April 2024 priced at $359.99 / €359.99 / £314.99.

In addition, between 1st-7th April all purchases of the LEGO Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale set. Will receive a LEGO DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Mimic Dice Box as a free gift.


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