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Review: LEGO 80010 Demon Bull King

Theme: Monkie Kid

Item: 80010

Pieces: 1051

Buy it here: Shop LEGO

“Raging Bull Ready For Battle”

Similar to my review for LEGO 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech, my interest for this set came from my interest in wanting to build mechs. From a technical perspective, they were both quite similar, meaning the Demon Bull Vs. Monkey King Warrior (MKW) battle should be a pretty fair fight!

This dude feels a lot less delicate to hold compared to MKW, as he doesn’t have the cape and additional dressings of his opponent.

He stands very sturdy, once again similar to MKW this is because of the restricted movements the design has in place. The ankle is connected with a ball joint, but you have zero movement up and down, only side to side which is pretty pointless. His knee is locked in place, but he does have hip a good hip movement that is made pointless due to the lack of toe movement. If you are wanting to get some cool poses happening, you will need to ‘LEGO hack’ the design.

Onto his arms, these are a lot more versatile, with a 360 degree rotation and decent shoulder and elbow movement. His head is a little heavy for the 1x2 joint plate that connects it to the torso, so to pose him with any attempted head tilt won’t be happening without assistance.

Ok, enough about this guys limbs, let’s fire up to what looks cool! It’s all about one piece, the light in his chest. The light brick isn’t anything new, but that red glow shining through the rib rage looks amazing! Check out my pics below, I added in some Light My Bricks LEDs into his flame thrower, canon and mouth to add a little more heat!

Overall, this is a pretty decent set. It was a relatively easy build and didn’t take too long. There are some fun colours, including the trans orange chest, shoulder pieces and the red light brick. As I mentioned, leg poses are very limited, but on the self, this dude looks pretty bad ass!

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