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Review: LEGO 80020 Monkie Kid - White Dragon Horse Jet

Monkie Kid returns for 2021 and we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the entire range of sets before its launch on March 1st! Australia isn’t Monkie Kid’s target demographic, that goes to the Eastern cultures, but I am without a doubt in my mind that Australia will want to get their hands on a Monkie Kid set this time around. Strap yourself in, over the next 7 days, we'll be reviewing each of the new Monkie Kid sets 1 by 1!

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LEGO 80020 - Monkie Kid - White Dragon Horse Jet

Introducing the only Monkie Kid set to come without Monkie Kid or the Monkey King! White Dragon Horse Jet is Mei’s newest high-tech jet of destruction, taking the fight to the bad guys in a bit of pizazz. Flying in to save the day from our evil Spider-Demon man and his arachnoid rob