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LEGO Disney Simba The Lion King 43243 New Release Review Brick Banter - 2024 May
43243 | Simba the Lion King Cub

Review: LEGO 43243 Disney Simba the Lion King Cub

The LEGO Disney Lion King is here, and ready to pounce into your hearts. A double release of new LEGO Disney Lion King sets are fantastic and all, but LEGO…

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New Parts | Bricks & Pieces

52 New LEGO Bricks & Pieces For June 2021 – A World-Class Menagerie

LEGO Bricks & Pieces With 52 New Parts, It's A World-Class Menagerie Lions & Monkeys & Sheep... Oh My! LEGO City has left the city and gone camping! Surrounded by...
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