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With 52 New Parts, It’s A World-Class Menagerie

Lions & Monkeys & Sheep… Oh My!

LEGO City has left the city and gone camping! Surrounded by the beauty of dangerous African animals. You’ll be able to build your Savana with as many of these animals that you can get your hands on. No doubt this will really transform some Zoo Moc at the conventions of the coming year. These beautiful majestic creates will be popular though, so move fast and shop here.

Birds, Dogs, Cats And Bunnies

In every colour you could possibly need! Providing those colours you need are one of these four colours… These cut little Bunnies, Kittens, Dogs, Birds and Poodles (a different kind of dog) will add that extra little bit of personality to any Minifigure scene. Some great new colours here!

The Other Stuff

Plus, here are all the random parts you’ll need. Tusks for the elephants are important, as does not support animal poaching and is for the protection of their population. We also have a nice golden flat, green smiley face thing, a croc egg, and some alphabet tiles which are pretty neat!!! Although, the cup is kind of capturing my attention also… Not bad!

For the full list of Element ID, Design ID and Part Names, simply download this PDF file below. A huge thank you to Wade Davey from the Melbourne LEGO User Group for compiling the list!



Download PDF • 1.31MB


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