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PAB | Certified Stores

The Art Of Filling Your Pick-A-Brick Cup At LEGO Cert Stores

Filling a LEGO Certified Store Pick-A-Brick Cup efficiently is a work of art. PAB Cup expert Ryan Evans from LEGO Masters shares his tips Contrary to the belief of some,...
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New Parts | Bricks & Pieces

52 New LEGO Bricks & Pieces For June 2021 – A World-Class Menagerie

LEGO Bricks & Pieces With 52 New Parts, It's A World-Class Menagerie Lions & Monkeys & Sheep... Oh My! LEGO City has left the city and gone camping! Surrounded by...
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February | Bricks & Pieces

It’s Knights Vs Ninjas At LEGO Bricks & Pieces In February

I mean... January was pretty good, with over 100 new delicious LEGO sets for us to get our dirty little hands on. While your wallet was still recovering from Jan...
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