I recently went on a little holiday around the world, starting in Melbourne Australia and going direct Los Angeles, six weeks later finishing in Amsterdam, before returning home to Melbourne. I decided to make a little video along the way, I hope you enjoy! I know it’s not LEGO, but I had fun making it, and wanted to share!


Here is a fun little story for you as well. My first stop was Los Angeles followed by Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, I was headed straight to London with a connecting flight in New York. Now… Now Vegas flight left very early in the morning, and of course, being in Vegas, there are no early nights. Very tired, I got myself up and left my hotel to the Las Vegas airport and flew to New York. Unfortunately, my New York to London flight was 8-hours apart, meaning I had a lot of time to kill at the airport as my tiredness increase. I should also mention ‘sleeping’ isn’t a big skill of mine. I can’t sleep in weird locations and I definitely can’t sleep on flights.

I board my flight from New York, arrive safely in London at around 6 am Saturday morning, where I go directly to my friend’s house of whom I’m staying, freshen up, head straight out the door for food. At this point, it’s likely approaching 20+hours since I last slept. After eating, I had arranged a LEGO photography meet up in London with some other Toy Photographers, where we spent a good few hours walking all over the city, taking photos. Of course, we ended it at the pub!

By this point I was running on empty, but it wasn’t over yet. I had agreed to head to a house party with the friend I was staying with, which went into the middle of the night. I think I must have been awake for close to 40hrs+ by the time my head hit the pillow. That was a good nights sleep after that…

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