I CheepJokes recently embarked on a whirlwind adventure around the world, commencing my journey in Melbourne, Australia, and jetting off to Los Angeles. Six weeks later, my voyage came to a close in Amsterdam, only to circle back to my beloved Melbourne. Along the way, I decided to capture the essence of this incredible journey in a video. While it may not feature LEGO, the creation process was an absolute joy, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

Watch the video here

A Journey Beyond Bricks

But let me regale you with a little anecdote. My journey began in Los Angeles, followed by an exhilarating stopover in Las Vegas. From there, I was bound for London, with a brief layover in New York. Now, Las Vegas flights tend to depart in the early hours of the morning, and as you can imagine, early nights are not the city’s strong suit. So, despite the exhaustion, I dragged myself out of my hotel room and made my way to the Las Vegas airport. Next stop: New York. Little did I know, my New York to London flight had an eight-hour gap, leaving me stranded at the airport with my fatigue as my only companion. Did I mention that I’m not particularly skilled at sleeping in unconventional places, let alone on flights?

Onward to London

Eventually, I boarded my flight from New York, safely touching down in London at around 6 am on a Saturday morning. I headed straight to my friend’s house, where I was crashing for the duration of my stay. After a quick freshening up, I dashed out the door in search of sustenance. At this point, it had been close to 20+ hours since my last proper sleep. Let’s also acknowledge that “sleeping” isn’t exactly my strong suit. Weird locations and flights aren’t my ideal snooze spots.

LEGO and London Adventures

However, there was no time for rest! I had arranged a LEGO photography meetup in London with some fellow Toy Photographers. For several hours, we roamed the city, capturing fantastic shots. Of course, every great adventure deserves a pint at the pub!

By this juncture, I was running on fumes, but my journey was far from over. I had committed to attending a house party with my gracious host, a soirée that extended well into the night. I reckon I must have been awake for a staggering 40+ hours by the time I finally succumbed to sleep. And let me tell you, that slumber was pure bliss!

So, here’s to adventures beyond LEGO bricks, to sleep-deprived escapades, and to capturing life’s extraordinary moments. Until the next journey! 🌍📸✈️


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