LEGO Masters Germany Season 1 Finale

As seems to be a tradition with the LEGO Masters finale builds, teams were giving 24-hours to free build whatever they like. Germany was no exception, with the three final teams battling it out for the grand prize.

In a twist, there were 2-second place positions, with the points being 31 a piece for 2nd place and 38 points for the winners. Which was made up by 30 points from the judge, 5 Annalena and Felix had from the golden brick in the prior challenge. 5 for Björn and Alex from the Tower challenge, votes by the former contestants and the rest from the fans who were able to attend and vote.

Let’s take a look at what they made!

Equal 2nd Place – Moritz and Pascal

These two 21-year-olds had some amazing builds throughout the series. With Pascal telling us that his favourite build from the series was Half/Half challenge. Where the boys built on the other half of some scales. (See it here).

For the finale, they built a giant volcano. Where they were quite unsure if they could build such a big model in the time they had. But, they got there! Not surprisingly, they were intimidated by Alex and Björn who came in equal second place. As they built extremely fast! Let’s take a look at Moritz and Pascal’s final build!

Plus a huge congratulations to the boys for everything they achieved.

(Instagram: @molegode & @pasi_nator).

Equal 2nd Place – Alexander and Björn

These two fast builders absolutely smashed out their finale build! Constructing a massive aircraft cockpit. Drawing on Björn’s love of aviation and Alex’s broad creativity.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this does look like a human-size 1:1 scale build. From what I can recall, it’s the first time in LEGO Masters a human-scale build at such a large scale has been achieved. Even with a 24-hour time frame, you can tell these guys were building fast. Adding a lot of detail within the cockpit.

Unfortunately, we only have the one photo of their final build, so have included some of their previous ones also 😉

(Instagram: @orionpaxone & @freitagsbjoern).

1st Place – Annalena and Felix

These friends were strong builders throughout the competition and finished in the finale strong. Building a massive pop-up style storybook, they had strong storytelling elements with some very smart technical ability. Of course, the colours worked really well with the aesthetic to get them over the line.

Annalena appears to be very skilled as a free-style sculptor. Leaving Felix to focus on the smaller and more intricate detailing.

Congratulations to Germany’s first-ever LEGO Masters in this format!

(Instagram: @felixgeisi & @annalenarohr).

Want to see the rest of the builds from LEGO Masters Germany? Check them out here.


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