Brickheadz – Pet Theme

Brickheadz return for another season, this time in pet form! We have seen many animals before, in mostly seasonal themes, but Pets have taken it solo and they are off to an amazing start with these three packs!

LEGO 40466 –

Baby Panda 1 – 116, Baby Panda 2 – 117 & Panda – 115

The family of Brickheadz Pandas are unique to their theme, they’re the only Brickheadz to offer a character, not in a standing at attention position. They have also given the same character in two different positions which again, has not been seen from this theme. We dare say this is the first box of BrickHeadz that looks like a complete set as the peach tree is enough dressing to make this a presentable set and the baby pandas frame the focal point nicely. As a whole, this set has exceeded our expectation from the theme.

Panda Baby 1, Baby 2 And Panda

The baby pandas are incredibly cute, especially when one seems to be break dancing on its platform! Yep, the panda on its back rotates! This feature was the first thing I noticed and I love it! The rotation gives the panda the playful tone that makes them so popular in internet culture. To the more immature few, such as myself, removing the break-dancing panda from its platform results in a bit of a… well.. a butt hole. Which I find funnier than I should. But the pro to this is that you can place a 1×1 round white stud on its backside to make a tail and then stand it on its feet to pose it upright.

Removing the break-dancing panda from its platform results in a bit of a… Well.. A butt hole.

As for the baby panda sitting calmly, it is a shame that its legs protrude out of its midsection, rather than at the base of its body like the large panda’s legs do. If its tail had been situated lower on its back, it may have helped convey a playful leg lift, but unfortunately, it is situated almost central on the back.

Otherwise, the baby pandas convey very clearly in contrast to the large panda, the smaller ears, misaligned stud to create the snoot and using the inner SNOT bricks to give the black shoulder collar sell the baby quality to these two.

The large, I assume ‘Mama’ Panda, looks stunning. The ears leave no unwanted gaps, the misalignment of the cheese slope piece gives the ears a fluffy quality, which coupled with the studs on its head, sells the fur texture 100%. The peach tree and red lanterns frame the large panda nicely and make a beautiful Chinese backdrop.

Packaging Error

Look… It happens! But sometimes what happens is super strange! I am interested to see if this happened to anyone, so comment below. In this pack, we got a 1×3 flat black tile, instead of a 1×2 flat black tile. A little weird, but weirder that there is NO OTHER 1×3 flat black tile in this set! How curious…

LEGO 40440 – Puppy 199 & German Shepherd 118

The Pets range of BrickHeadz has a lot of room to grow, and they have chosen to kick off with a German Shepard and a puppy. The choice of the breed seems perfect, the multi-colour coat gives better contrast than that of a plain coated breed. The shape of the German Shepard can also resemble other loved breeds such as Labradors, Great Danes, Kelpies and huskies. It would only require some creative colour changes and perhaps repositioned cheese slopes to convey a different- but similar breed.

The Pets range have added a new feature and accessory to these sets. The hind legs can now sploot, which means bend out backwards! This feature gives some personality and poses to the build which I can’t imagine anyone being displeased about. The Pets range has included a pet bed, which surprisingly has not compromised on the standard black platform that all BrickHeadz come on. This bed is simple and simply dresses the set without taking focus away from where it should be.

Stuff You Get

The only new or interesting pieces that come with this set, that we are aware of, are the tiled 2×2 corner triangles in Sand Green. This set also features two stickered curved plates that sit at the front of the pet bed.

German Shepherd – Brickheadz 118

The use of slops on the face to create the dog snout is great, it really distinguishes the species from cats and pandas that we have seen. I have found that simply rotating the slopes 180 degrees gives another great dog face shape and we love that versatility. The pointed ears work for this breed, but we hope to see breeds with floppy or long draping ears in the future. The feature I most admire about this build is the bandana around its neck, it’s far more attractive than just a band around its neck to imply a collar. I hope to see some pattern prints on future dog bandanas for some personal touches.

Puppy – Brickheadz 119

We have been going back and forth over whether this is two different breeds or the same, as Tim believed the puppy resembled a pug more than a German Shepard. This is due to the less pronounced nose and what we believe is a collar, that looks more like a tongue instead. When we remove the collar/tongue and add a plate to the snout, the puppy resembled the German Shepard a lot more. If the red element is in fact a collar, it would have been better off in literally any other colour, but if it is intended as a tongue, it doesn’t suit this smaller-scaled BrickHead and would be better off being part of the larger dog.

LEGO 40441 – Kitten 121 & Shorthair Cat 120

Alongside the release of the German Shepard and Pup, we see a short-haired cat and kitten. Again the choice of breed is ideal for pet personalisation. The colours they have chosen are simple and we would have preferred to see a more tabby variety that is difficult for the common set collecter to convey independently. We hope to see some long hair varieties to follow this set.

Just like the German Shepard set, the cat legs sploot, I kind of wish they could be positioned in a more upright position for that weird leg raise that cats do while cleaning themselves… But I’m sure someone will work that trick out!

Stuff You Get

The short-haired cat and kitten provide us with no new pieces, however, we do get a nice hand full of Azure from the cat bed. Again, we receive two stickered curves plates as bed decoration.

Shorthair Cat – Brickheadz 120

We love a lot of things about this Cat. The Wolverine claws for whiskers, the white arch tiles for paws and the yellow bow are beautiful features that will carry over into so many modified cats. The face colouration created by the technique previously seen on Mickey, Minnie and Co has kept the cat from being too plain and will offer great characterisation for builders. On its back, we see a small curve, we wished this was more pronounced as cats appear very hunched while sitting in this position. This would also offer a nice distinguished body from that of the dog counterpart.

Kitten 121 – Brickheadz

The kitten is a perfectly shrunk-down version of the large cat. This kitten still has its white paws and long whiskers, and its ears are a plate shorter than the adult. I think the kitten’s ears should have matched the size of the adult counterpart to give the funny proportions that make baby animals so darn cute.


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