LEGO Masters U.S

Season 2 Episode 5 – Recap

Hanging Brick Challenge

After a week’s break due to holidays in the States we are back with the fifth episode of LEGO Masters U.S. The teams enter the room and are greeted with a stack of papers that Will describes as “feedback” for the show. And then his “boss” calls and Ken Jeong joins the conference call, as we need another FOX show cameo.

“Will’s Boss” decides the show needs some improvements and suggests “taking away the tables” and building in the air. “Drop the brick!” A technic beam drops from the ceiling and the hanging brick challenge is introduced. Jamie points out that this is a complex challenge as the teams don’t have the support of a solid base on the table in which to build. A

too heavy build can collapse or a too light build could capsize. Adding to the challenge is that the builds have to be seen and judged in 360 degrees. And bigger is always better. Then have ten hours and to up the stakes, the golden brick back to claim.

The Builds

Zack and Wayne – Squid and Whale

Taking a cue from the American Natural History museum the team has chosen a sperm whale eating a giant squid. Will dubs it “Moby Brick”. The length of their build does have Amy curious about what they are creating. They are focusing on a strong core to keep the size as big as possible.

The judges comment that the details are somewhat lacking in order for the whale to be light. Jamie notes they haven’t seen a build this big for such a short amount of time. The stability also impresses him. The wrapping of the tentacles ticks Amy’s 360-degree story box and her fear of not enough detailing is not realised as the praises what’s in the model.

Mark and Steven – Floating Gnome Forest

Mark notes that a popular MOC theme is floating islands and that Steven is known for having built quite a few of them. The judges swing past and note that they have come close to winning several times and recommends they let loose and see where that drives their creativity. This advice pays off as the team lets loose and adds whimsical effects. Amy and Jamie are wowed by the final result that looks like a red plant from a distance but up close reveals to be filled with detailing and sprawls. Jamie is impressed that it hangs level as well.

Syreeta and Randall – Hot Air Balloon

Several hours in this team is struggling to get their build aloft. Their goal is to try and make it hollow to keep the weight down and not get bogged down by time as each member works on separate sections. As the clock ticks down they struggle to get the halves of the balloon together. Jamie points out that from afar this build stands out. But up close it underwhelms with Amy wanting more story outside of a couple having a picnic.

Natalie and Michelle – Whisper’s Planter

Feeling buoyant but a bit nervous from last week’s win the team knows they need to up their game to keep in the top. They decide to create a macrame hanging pot plant with a fairy called Whisper; voiced by Will Arnett.

As the hours get going they feeling under the pressure to get the size of their build-up to par with the others in the room. The Judges notice this as the team starts to add things into their design in a haphazard way with Amy worried this will lead to an unfocused design. When it comes to judging Amy loves how well the build looks like a house plant. Jamie notes that there’s some great brick building detailing, but it is lost in the greenery. Natalie mentions she was kinda just aiming to get across the finish line with Jamie reminding her that she is on the fifth challenge, the stakes are high.

Maria and Philip – Turtle Lighthouse

Hailing from Michigan they tap into the local sights that is a lighthouse. But theirs is resting atop a turtle with a coral reef found on its underside. The turtle travels the sea to rescue lost people.

Amy notes that building animals is a big risk, and they have delivered. Jamie agrees and notes the coral reef is a bit odd in its shape as it looks like it’s coming from the turtle as opposed to having grown around it as it clumps in one area.

Susan and Jen – Birthday Party Treehouse

In honour of her daughter, Susan has opted to create a birthday party in a treehouse. Noting theirs isn’t as grand in scale as the others. This team chooses to keep their simple as to not get caught out in time management. With their builds up on display, the team feels theirs underwhelms visually and hopes their storytelling gets them across the line. The story is of a birthday girl whose mass of balloons pulls her treehouse out of the ground. Amy loves the balloons and some of the detailing but feels like there needed to be more detailing across all sides of the tree.

Dave and Richard – Jack and the Beanstalk

After last week’s crash and burn this team is adamant not to fall prey to gravity. They want to do a twist on classic fairytales and pick Jack and the Beanstalk, with the twist being the Giant is redistributing the wealth to jack. Seven hours in the beanstalk disconnects from the base and crashes to the floor, necessitating a complete rebuild but the construction gets completed. Amy loves the power of the story and how the build draws your eyes up. But notes the lack of detail under the clouds is where it is lacking.

Caleb and Jacob – Floating Islands

They are going after the brick with an ambitious build of hanging islands with a windmill on the top as waterfalls splashing down across each atoll. But they have noticed Steven and Mark doing a floating island – who will win the island face off? Their story is a farmer who is growing crops across the island has to fend off locusts. But deep inside is a nest with more waiting to hatch. Amy loves the storytelling as well as the fun in the build accompanied by the scale of the mill on top of the tiny islands.

Bryan and Lauren – Palace of the Sky Painters

Taking a cue from the sunsets of California they opt to set their theme in the sky. Their story of sky painters have two painters, sunrise and sunset who’s brushes combine to meet at the sun that hangs underneath suspended by a rainbow. Amy loves how fluffy the cloud looks but notices the characters are a bit flat in detail which could have brought them to life.

The Verdict

With the judging over, the fate of two teams hangs in the balance. One team will go home and the other claim the golden brick.

The top two teams: Zach and Wayne and Mark and Steven. Zach and Wayne get praise from Jamie for having size and a dynamic story. Mark and Steven get praise from Amy for their imagination go free. The team that walks away with the golden brick is Mark and Steven. The bottom teams: Michelle and Natalie with Randall and Syreeta. Amy feels Michelle and Natalie’s story failed to take advantage of their concept and was hidden. Jamie notes Randall and Syreeta’s build was lacking construction details and an overall scene.

And the team that leaves us this week is Randall and Syreeta. The duo are thankful for being on the show and there are some sad farewells as they turn in their figs.

Next week’s – Two challenges await: build an exact replica from memory and then build a wild untamed car, ready for demolition derby!

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