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Season 2 Episode 6 – Recap

Replica challenge + Demo Derby

We are back, with all cylinders firing! The teams bound into the workroom and are greeted by the LEGO Lambo set. The challenge is set: Create an exact replica of the car. Will accidentally knocks off the car, answering the lifelong question of what happens to a LEGO Lamborghini when it hits the floor.

With the car out of commission, the teams now have to rely on memory to complete the car. Each has a box of parts to build the lambo in four hours. The winners will gain an advantage in the main challenge. This presents quite a personal challenge to a few of the teams as cars are not their strong suit.

Some it’s a natural fit with Wayne mentioning he’s driven the same model a few times. Touching base with Amy and Jamie, the judges point out this is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle as each team has all of the parts, but need to work out the best way to put it all together and a typical build time of the full set takes up to 15 hours.


Midway the judges assess, they note some like Jen and Susan have created a rounded form as opposed to the angular shapes. Where others like Dave and Richard are storming ahead and Caleb and Jacob have conquered their fear of not knowing cars. And with four hours over the teams are judged.

Showing them how it’s done Will reveals a gigantic replica LEGO Lambo made up of 400,000 technic pieces and weighing around 2 tons. With all the cars on display and compared against the original build the winners are Caleb and Jacob.

The Demo Derby challenge

But this is only the starter for the main course: The Demo Derby challenge.

Each team has to build a remote-controlled concept car that fights it out against other teams with the winner going into the top two. The cars are also judged on aesthetics which also can land a team into the top two. They have six hours.

Zack and Wayne – Purple Punisher

Tapping into their Californian vibes they settle with a purple low-rider hot-rod. Noticing many of the other teams keeping the wheels free, they opt for an enclosure for theirs. This is picked up by Jamie noting that it does add mass to the car and lower weight.

Mark and Steven – Toxic Titan

Tapping into a post-apocalyptic zombie universe they have settled with a muscle car that’s been turned into a zombie. With technic not being a strong point, they struggle to keep the model strong enough to survive the hits. As the current holders of the Golden Brick they mull over whether to use it.

Feeling their car won’t win in the smashup, they focus on making it look awesome. Feeling their build is “pretty solid” in the looks department, they opt to keep the Golden Brick. Jamie loves the fun and playful effect the car has with the detailing and spikes.

Natalie and Michelle – Fear the Horn

With both mothers of unicorn-loving girls, they spin this into inspiration and go towards a car based around a unicorn’s horn. With the two not having much car building experience this is a challenge. Jamie was surprised to see a killer unicorn car, and Amy backs it up praising it’s fun and playful look.

Maria and Philip – Big Blue Beast

Bringing along the element of the family playing racing games, they opt for a big blue truck that’s loaded with TNT. They hope the boxes will dislodge from the back and present a hazard. Amy loves the video gaming element of the truck and the story it presents.

Susan and Jen – Muscle Sprouts Tractor

A green bulldozer/tractor with a plow in the front. Their story is he’s an old tractor who helps on the farm but has another side to him. With time ticking down the team is struggling to get the vehicle together in time. Amy loves that the team has taken something out of a kid’s toy box and Jamie likes the blades but wonder how strong they are in the derby.

Dave and Richard – Rad Devil

Going with an oversized devil theme with horns and edges. They also are aware of the risk of debris or the chassis catching the wheels so take care to keep the wheels free. Amy complements the car having loads of character. Jamie wonders if there’s a secret weapon hidden in there.

Caleb and Jacob – Sunshine Wagon

A big rig form of truck that comes with a wrecking ball in the hopes to cause some damage while keeping the car heavy with a battery ram. Jamie loves the story with the mash of a cheerfully sunny tow truck of doom, complete with wrecking ball. But he wonders how the build will fare in the upcoming melee.

Bryan and Lauren – Bull Car

Inspired by matadors they go with a charging bull as their design. This design impresses Jamie as it’s effective with the fear factor.

The Verdict

With the cars all lined up, it’s the first time for the judges to award the first team-based purely on looks and the team that takes the first position is Mark and Steven with Toxic Titan. Now it’s down to the Demo Derby to determine the remaining team. The teams have to drive and strive to survive.

If a car is seen to have taken too much damage then Jamie will raise the black flag and eliminate it. There are also openings at the end of the pit which a car could fall out of. Caleb anc Jacob have won themselves 30 seconds of safety, so they wait on the side while everyone else tears up the pit.

Fenders come off, and the field is soon strewn with LEGO parts the cars have to drive around or risk getting stuck. Caleb and Jacob’s 30 seconds are up and they race out of the gate….. and straight off the edge!

The rest of the cars are huddled in the middle with Zach and Wayne making good use of their car’s weight to attack from the outer ring with Toxic Titan getting ripped to bits in the middle of the scrum. Soon only Unicorn, Rad Devil and Purple Punisher are left.


Unicorn has been surviving by staying out of the mess but a sideswipe from Punisher takes it out, leaving only Rad remaining. Punisher gets trapped on a tyre and Rad Devil takes the prize.

David and Richard win the demo deby and are in the top two. But a winner needs to be picked. And that ultimately turns out to be Dave and Richard – notching a second win. But amidst all the joy from a thrilling demo derby, it is time for a team to leave.

The two are: Caleb and Jacob and Susan and Jen. Caleb and Jacob are in because their vehicle wasn’t able to be judged on strength. Susan and Jen are in for having a build that was somewhat basic and lacking in strength when put to the test. The team that goes home is Susan and Jen. Leaving a somewhat shellshocked Caleb as the teams have bonded over their time.

Next Week: Prepare to get blown away as clutch power is pitted against wind power!

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