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Season 2 Episode 3 part 2 – Recap

With Sandor and Loïc leaving the show in the first half the remaining teams are feeling the heat as the remaining challenges leading up to the grand finale. The teams come in and find their tables have been modified to have baseplates on the top and bottom. Their challenge is to create a world that is reflected in both halves of the baseplates This is a physical challenge as building things from upside down with LEGO puts them at risk of the works falling off.

They have 12 hours.

The Builds

Éric and Alex – Bricks and Dragons

Tapping into their passion for all things medieval the duo decide to have the scene above ground be a group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons where the underground scene has their world depicted.

Georg and Paulina love the idea but note the team’s use of an off-stud design may struggle against gravity. This proves to be the case as the underside wall crashes down several times. Georg comes in and suggests they don’t use flexible connections. He offers a solution but the team decide not to take it. This causes much more issues as they struggle to keep it attached and study, while losing time to build all the details.

Georg notes all of the challenges they had to overcome to keep it all together. He also praises the 80s aesthetics, such as old CRT monitors. Also praised is now the two worlds have elements that are mirrored.

But he notes the mirroring doesn’t apply to the characters who stick close to the wall underground. Paulina also notes this issue, noting she wanted balance in the composition.

Étienne and Christine – The Anthill

A swarm of ants has found several candies and are taking them underground. Despite getting a good start on their build the concept of creating grass and getting the scale of their world proves a great technical challenge to the team with things falling over. They are stressed as time ticks down.

Georg notes they did complete the task and the arts look great, but the death is in the details. Small things like the anthill missing a mound of dirt Paulinia notes the leaves are a bit small and feel unfinished.

Marin and Alexandre – Billy and his Friends

The scope of the challenge stymies this team. They struggle to come up with a concept as two hours tick by. They settle on an ice theme. Set on an ice flow a fisherman is fishing, but underneath a giant whale is swimming. Georg likes the idea but thinks the above story needs a bit more work to connect to the underneath. they change it to a whale diving through the ice.

With the work finished, the judges note they really were pressed for time. Paulina gives them points for completing the challenge and ticking the boxes. Georg also comments that the whale is well made. The team are relieved.

Benjamine and Marin – The Secret Life of a Whack-A-Mole

They base their build on a whack a mole game. Above the game’s scoreboard is displayed while below moles wait. Their build progresses smoothly, but as the last hour ticks, they slide their table away and a piece falls off the edge. But they get everything in time.

It is a bright and colourful build complete with interactive elements such as a brick mallet and a bobbing mole and coin. The game doesn’t work and it’s revealed the moles are stealing the coins.

Paulina loves the bright 80’s colours and the themeing. But notes the mole’s underside isn’t as detailed as above. Georg loves the detailing and the use of round edges. But also backs Paulina’s views that the underground setup isn’t as detailed as it should be and the moles needed more motives.

Aurélien and Vincent – The Brick Bank Heist

Eric notes that the team have been creating works that border on being unreadable and wonder if this will be the same for this challenge.

The team sets the stage for their story, a bank branch is being robbed by burglars coming in from underground tunnels.

Paulina loves the detailing of some of the outside park areas. But notes that there’s a bit of a disjoining of the style from the above and on top. Georg gives them praise for having a link between the two halves but notes the rather random aspects to the smaller details. Like a chef walking out with a baguette or strangely dressed people.

The Verdict

The teams line up for the second elimination of the episode and the remaining teams heading to the semis.

The winners of the upside-down challenge is Marlin and Alexander. They were chosen as they had a great balance in their design, but Paulina notes there were details missing, so they need to up their game.

The bottom two are Éric and Alex, and Aurélien and Vincent.

The second team to leave is Aurélien and Vincent.

Next time – the semi and grand finale of LEGO Masters France Season 2.

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