LEGO Masters Australia

Season 4 Episode 2 – Ring of Fire Challenge

After a wet and wild start to the show, the LEGO Masters Australia intensity only heats up. The teams emerge into the workroom to discover a flaming ring of fire and a ramp. Hamish doing his best Evel Knievel impersonation scoots around on a mini motorbike to help set the scene.

The challenge is to create a stunt vehicle that is launched off a ramp by hydraulics. It has to clear nine buses and create an impressive smash. Each team will get points for aesthetics, rated out of ten, and an extra point if it clears the furthest. The Titanium brick is ready to be used, but as this isn’t an elimination build, it comes with additional power.

The choice to pick which team gets which minifig to base their vehicle’s theme around. The winner of this challenge will get hand the titanium brick. With Joss and Henry the current leads, they set about picking each team’s fig and everyone gets set to work.

The Builds

Branko & Max – Pizza Guy – Pizza Delivery Box

With Branko being an engineer, what could go wrong? The build revolves around a mobile pizza box that has several slices inside, waiting to crash into the ground and fly everywhere. Branko wants to make sure the box survives the flight, so does a test crash, much to Max’s worry about it eating into time.

The aerodynamically blunt box arcs through the air doing a small flip while just clearing the buses, sending the contents well across the ground.

Caleb & Alex – The Pilot – Flying Contraption

Having been given the pilot, the team decide to tap into their love of steampunk and create a contraption that barely holds together, let alone fly. The end result is an impressive crash

Crystal & Andrew – The CowGirl – Tex-Mex Food Truck

The Cowgirl isn’t what Crystal hoped for, but the team get stuck into it creating a complex mechanism that rotates a burrito on the top of the car. But they realise partway that it’s meant to be a vehicle. So a rapid retooling of the design ensues.

The end result is to put the burrito concept onto a food truck. But wanting to keep the rotating element, additional wheels are added.

Joss & Henry – The Witch – Sweet Ride

With the power to pick whichever fig they want the team settle on the witch. They decide to house her inside a jack-o-lantern pumpkin that is loaded up with sweets.

The build is deemed to be eye popping by Brickman with it’s strong orange and grinning face. But the stocky build barely clears the buses.

Kirsti & Daniel – Chicken Suit Guy – Rubber Chicken

With the chicken man Minifigure in hand, the team brainstorms ideas and concepts before landing on the simple idea of a yellow rubber chicken. Daniel being a fan of technic makes sure this chook is sturdy. The team give the inside eggs that are intended to burst apart on landing.

The sheer weight of the chook gives Brickman a bit of worry. But the teams cheer on its launch. Brickman also notes their crazy parts usage of a dinghy as the crest.

The bird takes off but its weight of it results in a very short flight as it careens into the final bus, sending both to the ground.

Lexi & Rachel – Rocket Man – The Show Must Go On

Rachel taps into one of music’s biggest stars, Elton John, and takes the lead in creating a tribute. A grand piano sits atop a rocket that is exploding with fireworks. Lexi doesn’t seem to know who Elton John is so is a bit lost with the concept and struggles a bit with communicating with Rachel.

Midway Brickman comes by and notes that the rocket is a bit stumpy and might need a bit more additional bodywork to look more rocket-like.

Despite all doubts, the vehicle manages to launch successfully resulting in a total travel distance of 8 meters, the team also gets a bonus point for tying in their theming with Hamish’s jumpsuit.

Nick and Gene – Unicorn – Weekend Ride

With the unicorn as their select Minifigure, the team decide to create a lightweight build that is taking design cues off Mad Max, as well as being a motorbike. Their plan works as it clears the second furthest of the lot. But Brickman notes the visual design isn’t as crash hot as the others.

Paul & Trent – Corn Guy – Cob Mobile

With the corn guy in their possession, the two set apart to solve a big challenge. How to build a LEGO car. Neither of the two have done this before. The end result is a husk of corn sporting a moustache. To add to the corn popping effect several minifig heads are stuffed inside.

The Verdict

With all of the pieces swept away from the set’s new shiny floor, four teams are called up to the front. Trent & Paul manage to make it in fourth, followed by Joss and Henry for their striking design with Kirsti and Daniel and Lexi and Rachael, the top two contenders for the titanium brick.

Ultimately it’s the mix of aesthetics, distance and a bonus point from tying in Hamish’s outfit that lands Lexi and Rachel the win for this episode.

Next time – Let the music play! The teams are challenged to create builds based off hit tunes with special guest judge Delta Goodrem.

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