LEGO Masters Australia

Season 4 Episode 5 – Cut Away Challenge

With the first team eliminated the teams arrive to find a gigantic brick built boat. Brickman claims it took 200 hours with 35,000 LEGO bricks. But that’s only half the story. The model is turned around to reveal it’s been cut in half and you can see the internals.

This sets the stage for the challenge. To build something that is solid but when turned around has been cut in half to reveal amazing internals. The holder of the titanium brick hold a mystery button that has a mysterious power that they can use at any time in the build.

The teams have ten hours.

The Builds

Branko & Max – Dragon / The Human Head / Rocket

The two decide to create a knight attacking a dragon. The dragon has internals that can be seen when cut in half. But they look across the room and see another dragon getting made by Henry and Joss.

Back to the drawing board, they decide on creating a human head that has minifigs controlling emotions and other things on the inside. Brickman notes that it’s very hard to make an accurate human head. He worries that they won’t be able to make the deadline.

They change it again and land on a rocket ship. With six hours remaining they rush to finish the build. Brickman notes it’s a big structure and has done the cutaways nicely. But the lack of finish has put them at risk of elimination.

Caleb & Alex – Alien Space Station

A space station that when turned around reveals the aliens are captured and are being tested on. Their build completed Brickman loves the fact there’s a bit of a world that’s been created, noting that the blue baseplate was put to good use. The cut is given praise, but there’s a small part where some ooze has been stylistically dribbled over the edge that loses them a point.

Joss & Henry – Dragon Attack

Joss reckons that Brickman is expecting people to play it safe with a building, so decides to up the ante with creating a scene where a Viking clan is using one as a trojan horse. Brickman comes by and notes that using a dragon cut-in-half is a bit tricky. So they need to rework their idea. They settle on a mechanical dragon that’s attacking a Viking hall. Joss is a bit worried the effect is going to work as he’s not used to building half a dragon.

Brickman notes that there were some issues with creating a dragon and keeping into the brief. Cut as a cutaways it works and has a nice world with some details like one minifig missing an arm. But Brickman notes that there is a time and place for using a familiar strategy, is this it?

Kirsti & Daniel – Attack of the Robot

A giant 50’s inspired robot is attacking a big building. Inside the robot are Minifigures. This is a bit of a challenge to the team when Brickman comes by and wonders how the cutaway with a robot is going to work with the building, noting the cutaway works best on one plane. They struggle to rework their cutaway but the challenges leave them with a barely completed build.

Brickman hones in what works best, the cutaway nature of the building, but the building is vague to its nature. He likes the concept of the robot attack but notes that the robot isn’t in line with the building, breaking the cut-away effect.

Lexi & Rachel – Grand Hotel

The team decided to build a grand 1800s hotel where the inside shows all the rooms and the activities going on inside. Brickman comes by and notes there’s a section of the back roof that’s missing some cutaway elements. Lexi declares it’s just a very solid roof and ignores his advice.

Brickman gives points to them setting it in a period area. But he brings up the gap lacking in the back of the roof being a flaw in their design.

Nick & Gene – Alpine Cuckoo Clock

With three wins under their belt, they decide to build a cuckoo clock. When turned around you can see a small family working. Gene wants to have an accurate clock with gears that can turn two hands at different speeds. Brickman is adding to the challenge by wanting to see a cuckoo.

With six hours remaining the team decided to press the mystery button. Turns out the power is that only Nick and Gene may access the VIP Brickpit for an hour- with Hamish as the bouncer. As the final hour kicks in, their grand plan to have a moving cuckoo falls flat as they can’t work out the mechanics.

Judging time the detailing is praised but the sad thing is the bird doesn’t move. Brickman loves how the actual hands turning work. The multilevel world that has items like chains moving across the floors is also praised.

Paul & Trent – Mega-bone Vet Surgery

Taking some inspo from his profession as a vet, Paul decides to create a giant bone that when turned around reveals a vet clinic. With the mystery button being a mystery, Hamish goes around with a box that contains several powers. The two pick one “Each team has to wrestle a bear”. Hamish is a bit confused to why the team is chuckling about bears, a producer lets him know.

The final result is a whimsical sense of fun, with puns like cat scans and lab tests.

Brickman gives them points for how clean the cut is. The fun is also praised as well.

The Verdict

With all the builds finished and the teams lined up, they are reminded how hard a cut-away build is and are applauded for their efforts. But Hamish reassures them there isn’t an elimination.

Brickman calls out two teams that would have been placed dead last. Branko and Max for trying to beat time. Along with Dan and Kirsti for trying to get a complex build finished.

But the titanium brick is ready to be handed over to a new team. The two who are in line to win the brick are Nick and Gene and Henry and Joss.

Henry and Joss are praised for managing to play their ace and still managing to get it into the rules of the game.

Nick and Gene’s work is praised for the subtle details which helped elevate their story and has them winning back the titanium brick and has put them on a winning streak of four. Next time – The return of the bridge, but with a ground-shaking twist.

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