LEGO swings back into their next wave of Marvel Mechs, riding on the low price point and easy Minifigure collection value to appeal to their audience.

76202 – Wolverine Mech Armor

76203 – Iron Man Mech Armor

76204 – Black Panther Mech Armor

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LEGO swings back into their next wave of Marvel Mechs, riding on the low price point and easy Minifigure collection, value to appeal to their audience. A well established marketing strategy, and it seems to work, or else we wouldn’t now be reviewing these mechs.

But has LEGO lost its touch? Are these sets worth the hype after all this time? The only way to tell is to once again put them under the microscope and review, review, review!

LEGO 76203 – Iron Man Mech Armor

It’s worth noting that Iron Man has already had his own Mech released, back in the first wave of Marvel Mechs. So this would be the first time we see him reappear. The two figures used in these sets are completely different. With this version focusing more on Iron Man’s later iterations, highlighted by the large amount of gold and the presence of reactor energy across the suit.

Keeping to the rather simplistic measure of the mechs, the mech sports generic and slender legs and a more ape-ish upper torso with bulkier arms. Rather than the new styled stud shooter being on the wrist or shoulder, the shooter is built into the hand for a more authentic ‘Iron Man’ feel, but doesn’t make it possible to close the hand. The opposite hand boasts more of the pearlescent light blue colour as a shield piece.

The Iron Man figure seems to be a newer representation of the Mk 42 armour, but I’m sure someone will correct me. Rather than LEGO printing gold on dark red, we’ve gone the other way around, making Iron Man look almost inverted compared to his Endgame suit.

Overall, with most of the Marvel Mech builds, you build one, you build them all. Each still has a gimmick to them and comes with a nice fig, but that’s about it. I’m sure that people will still snap this one up regardless just for the Iron Man figure.

LEGO 76204 – Black Panther Mech Armor

Hail to the King! Black Panther finally comes in a relatively cheap set for collectors to nab up!

The Black Panther Mech seems like it actually makes a lot of sense for Wakanda. As the primal style with the large claws and sticker printing make this a pretty neat little build. It’s quite hard to miss the large claws of the frame, which make this clearly T’Challa’s mech, but its also the subtle details such as the LED screen made of a book piece, and the upper legs with a little extra detailing.

The Black Panther fig is a nice, clean looking version of Black Panther, and even comes with a swap-out-able head for the unmasked king. I am especially a big of this, as before the only way to get this was to get the Marvel Collectible Minifigure Series Star-Lord T’Challa figure.

I feel like this set might be easily overseen by the other two standalone sets, but I am a big fan of this one.

LEGO 76202 – Wolverine Mech Armor

The last standalone set is probably the one that most people will go nuts for, Wolverine!

Wolverine has not had a Minifigure debut since 2013, when he came in a set alongside Magneto and Deadpool. Yes, that Deadpool.

After being told countless times that X-Men might not return, due to the violent-like nature of the series, this was a surprise! Sporting massive claws and rocking the classic X-Men getup, this mech is certainly striking! The build composes of sharp spiked shoulders, dark blue boots and the belt, there is no doubt of the homage the build makes to Wolverine’s classic costume.

Which does beg the question, why doesn’t Wolverine have the same getup? He has the classic yellow colour, but his hands don’t match the mech, and are actually a brighter blue, and then there is no leg printing.

Whilst I love finally getting Logan after not seeing him for years, once you take the helmet off his head, he’s kind of… underwhelming? The head without a helmet on did surprise me a bit, and I didn’t know what to expect to be honest, but this figure would have really shined with the darker blue to match the mech’s colour palette.

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