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Season 4 Episode 3 – Build That Tune Challenge

Three cracking episodes in and we’re getting into some tough challenges. The teams walk in and find a jukebox waiting for them. Hamish has to explain to some of the audience at home what they are looking at.

The challenge is set, to build an interpretation of a song. The song has to be told purely by a story build and then a guest judge will come in. Brickman elaborates that the judge won’t be seeing the builds as they progress, so the song has to be interpreted correctly. Adding to the tension the teams are not told if it’s an elimination build, that is held till the end. The mighty Titanium brick of brickyness still keeps its power, with Lexi and Rachel having the ability to pick their song and the other teammates. The teams have ten hours. And the guest judge is revealed to be Delta Goodrem.

The Builds

Branko & Max – It’s a Long Way to The Top (if you want to rock and roll)

With the pressure on to get it right, Hamish only adds to the pressure by noting it’s very similar to Sky High Rockers. They end up with a journey of a rock band from to the street up to the top of a building. Delta picks up there’s a long path, and the band is rocking and rolling and slowly comes to realise it’s AC/DC’s Long Way to the Top.

Caleb & Alex – Sitting on Top of the World

Not being a shy to ambition, the team decide to create a giant globe, with a person sitting on top of the world. Brickman notes that a good sphere requires the use of the Fibonacci Sequence. Hamish, with the help of his iPhone, takes this on board and spills it to the team who realise they need to get the maths right. Back off to the side Hamish and Brickman note their gears turning and Hamish declares himself a Fibbion-arse-hole.

Delta comes by and as it’s her song, the team are nervous that the actual artist is guessing their own song. Alex is a bit shocked that the woman on top of the world happens to be in the same outfit. Brickman gives them points for getting the big globe complete.

Crystal & Andrew – Smoke on the Water

The team settled on the two crucial elements of the song. Smoke. And water. Noting the song was about a hotel burning to the ground, they aim to go for a burning building. Brickman comes by to note that getting the clouds of smoke billowing is going to be a challenge itself. Andrew sets about building flames inside the building with a spinning lighting setup. Brickman comes by and asks them how they are going halfway. He notes the overall effect looks like a building underwater, and the smoke

Delta comes by to deliver her verdict. She understands it’s on fire and thinks it’s on water. But is the smoke clouds or shrapnel? She lands on “burning down the house” but fails to land the song. Hamish reveals its Smoke on the Water.

Brickman points out how smoke is very hard to do and the build, having a central piece of a spinning room of flame drew the eye away.

Joss & Henry – Stairway to Heaven

With an epic and iconic song setting them to task, they decide to create a giant spiral staircase that goes up to the clouds to some pearly gates. Joss puts to use more of his bendy pipe techniques to create the staircase. The strong imagery gets a rapid guess from Delta and Brickman also applauds their simplistic but well-executed design.

Kirsti & Daniel – River Deep Mountain High

Taking a bold step the team look to do their interpretation with a forced perspective take on a high mountain and a deep river. But Daniel can’t help being helpful and finds himself at other people’s tables helping out, and gaining the nickname of “Brickdan”. But soon Brickman sends him back to his own table. Brickman pops by the table and notes the effect isn’t working and needs to be exaggerated. Dan wonders if they can build off the table to have the river run deeper. But the stress is on with the increase in scale sending Kirsti running back and forth to get buckets of bricks.

Up comes Delta to guess the title. She is at a loss settling on “Ain’t no mountain high enough” or “rocky mountain high” but fails to get the song’s title, much to Kirsti’s dismay. Brickman notes that their sudden change hampered their planning and their ability to go bigger.

Lexi & Rachel – Heard it Through the Grapevine

The team decides on having a man listening through a grapevine. Lexi leans on her character boss skills with Rachel delegated to vineyard tasks.

Delta comes by to guess the song. She picks up on the cues of the grapevines going into the man’s ear and gets the song. Brickman gives them points for figuring out how to tell a strong story with bricks.

Nick & Gene – Danger Zone

With the song title being quite broad for interpretation, the team and Brickman realise that “highway to hell” might get picked by the mystery judge. They decide to go literal and create a highway that leads off to a danger zone that has a chainsaw and a pit of sharks. Hamish comes by and notes that it could be seen as “Road to Nowhere”.

Delta comes along and notes it’s been a bad day on the roads and sees the red car coming along. She starts getting highway to hell vibes from the build, to everyone’s horror. She gets drawn to multiple elements, like the shark and the danger and eventually lands on Danger Zone.

Paul & Trent – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Taking a literal take on the song they aim to create Lucy standing on a giant diamond in the sky. Not sure if it’s an elimination they aim to impress with their first motorised build.

Delta comes up to judge and she picks up the elements and nails the song in the first go.

The Verdict

With all eight judged there are two teams who didn’t get their builds guessed by Delta. But thankfully it isn’t an elimination build.

The Titanium brick is returned.

The top two are: Lexi and Rachel along with Nick and Gene, to their surprise. Lexi and Rachel are praised for the detailing in their grapes. Nick and Gene are praised for the concept and build quality.

But the winner is: Nick and Gene.

Next time – The teams must build their dream car. And is it time for the first elimination?

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