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Season 2 Episode 3 Part 1 – Recap

With the finale fast approaching the remaining teams have four challenges remaining before they are awarded the next LEGO Masters of France. Opening this episode Eric is assembled with several kids who help him pen a fantastical fairy tale to be told in bricks.

“Once upon a time in the magic kingdom of candy a valiant, greedy knight fell in love with Princess Brocolli. But one day she gets locked up in a teapot dungeon. Armed with his magic lollipop, the panda Sir Glutton goes off to rescue the Princess.”

But there is more to this. There is a double elimination this week with each challenge removing a team. They have 10 hours to bring this fairy tale to life. Brickmaster Paulina notes that this challenge is purely a storytelling one and is unique as every team has the same story, leaving lots open to interpretation. But there’s a small twist. Each table gets given a villain by one of the kids to help spice up the story.

The Builds

Éric and Alex

Set in the land of The Sacred Candy the landscape is dotted with candy denizens. Flying in to save is the super panda. Princess Brocolli is held atop a wood stove which is threatening to steam her to death. There is also a mechanical feature that enhances the boiling effect.

Georg notes the sea of green is a bit dominating but the rest of the scene and the use of transparent pieces to create lollypops earns them additional points.

Étienne and Christine

They decide to create the dungeon out of a stack of teacups with a giant teapot that flows into a red river. There will be a bank of candy and the brave panda knight ready to save the day. The judges come by and note their idea of a dungeon in lurid pink isn’t quite dangerous and needs to be made more dangerous. They also note that having everything in candy pink runs the risk of everything blending in and story elements getting lost.

They have interpreted a supervillain as an electric toothbrush that’s trying to stop all the candy. This has been mechanised to rotate. Paullina is won over by visuals with the tottering teacups and the candy land detailing. She also loves the effect of water pouring down and the pun of having to eat veggies over candy. Georg is also impressed as the team has improved their building skills but even with some shortcomings, they have kept an abstractness that works. He also gives points for the use of transparent candy.

Marin and Alexandre

Still stinging from coming in last in the previous challenge they are determined to keep a pace in the competition.

Their take involves the gallant panda taking on an army of chips and burgers. Paulina loves the imaginative take on the story such as the menacing oven or the effect of the chips soaked in ketchup. Georg also loves the effect but finds the dungeon a bit lacking in design, being a dull grey that makes it recede against the colours of the scene.

Benjamine and Marin

With everyone coming off the same story Benjamin notes the challenge of trying to stand out from the crowd as everyone starts building similar creations. With time being spent on characters Marin realizes they have a rather bare landscape with an hour to go, and presses on to get it filled in. The two fear they won’t get enough done in time.

But they persevere and end up with a story where frozen treats are the foes standing in the way of Princess Brocolli’s rescue along with a villain being a fridge. Paulina notes how harmonious the design is especially with the skill used to create cones and ice creams.

George also applauds the technical mastery with the fridge looking nice and retro with lots of detailing like the river of chocolate. In some cases, he finds the staging a bit off. The rescuer is placed before the army, making it a bit illogical in what he is attacking.

Sandor and Loïc

They decide to create a series of archipelagos where certain scenes are based on plates with a giant cake being a centrepiece. Struggle with creating a panda that looks like one. They decide to create an effect where the river is flowing off the table.

Deciding to work around their limits of building, the panda is described as a cyborg. The supervillain is a rabbit who commands an army of vegetables.

Paulina notes she was a bit sceptical about a blocky build but loves the effect that the river pouring off the edge gives.

The panda’s lack of finish is also noted to be somewhat lacking. Georg loves the big cake, but note the number of sweets in on and around the world isn’t that strong. The rabbit is liked, but the build is a bit let down by basic building.

Aurélien and Vincent

This team picks a vibrant colour pallet complete with a pink river flowing through a blue landscape of bubblegum trees and candy items.

Their supervillain is a giant wasp and some mosquitoes.

Paulina gives them points on how candy-like the landscape is and the great build for the wasps. But she isn’t able to really work out the story as there are too many clashing elements. A sentiment echoed by Georg who sees there are elements that don’t make sense, like an antenna, that’s meant to be a lollypop.

The Verdict

With an elimination pending the teams line up to reveal their fate. The team that wins this week’s competition is Étienne and Christine. Judges loved the effect of the water and how over the top Candyland the world was.

The bottom two are Aurélien and Vincent and Sandor and Loïc. Sandor and Loïc are chosen to leave. Their main issue was a simpler building technique which set them at a loss against the other teams.

Next week – time to build upside down.

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