Want to know the detailed ins-and-outs of the LEGO Real Madrid Stadium but can’t afford it? We’re here to help.

LEGO 10299 – Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

LEGO has once again made another stadium in their lineup of stadiums. With no end in sight, it would seem. Not a bad thing! Fans around the world can build their favourite game landmark right from the comfort of home.

There are a few neat little details here and there too. But just like our LEGO Ninjago City Dock‘s coverage, we can easily understand that not everyone will get to see the little details and beauty behind the set. So why not jump on board with this snap mini-review where I point out all the details that the average passer-by would miss?

Torre (Towers)

The towers that are stationed on each corner of the stadium might look a bit simple. But the intricate use of bricks gives us the entry/exit ramps and stairs to each tower. They also give us a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ bridge that stealthily connects the towers to the main stadium.

Each one of the towers are also outfitted with stickers to denote which entry is which.


LEGO gives us a team bus that immediately throws me back to the 1998-2000 Soccer series that LEGO made. It’s definitely one of the cleanest looking microscale buses I’ve seen. No doubt a little tribute to the team bus that brings the players in on game day.

Trees and Lamp Posts

The exterior of the build uses some well-placed Minifigure hockey sticks as a microscale street lamps adorning the exterior of the build all the way around. As well as dark-green ice cream pieces for the top of the trees.

Stadium Sign

Not a groundbreaking part usage, but the 2×2 plate works perfectly for the team’s logo that holds its place at the front of the stadium.

Shout out to my Dad for his perfect sticker application here!


The use of the groove 1×2 brick works exceptionally well as rows upon rows of seats for our grand-stand viewers. Such a simple, yet effective way of giving the illusion of thousands of seats.

Corporate Boxes

Not to mention the selective use of slopes to not only make the corporate boxes, but also create the wall that runs throughout the stadium.

The Goal

The Goal used in the set is a printed 1×2 specialised brick, which I can personally see myself ordering for the future to make a Minifigure-scale foosball table.

The Players Box

The player’s box uses the underside of a 1×1 brick to simulate a tunnel. As well as the same parts used for the goal again for the benched players.

The Players Run

No short of some insane precision on LEGO‘s part, the plates line up so that there can be ever-so-small passageway for the players to run on to the field.


No short of impact, anybody who is thinking of picking this up for themselves or a die-hard Real Madrid fan will enjoy the impact that the set will have sitting in your LEGO space.

Although Soccer might not be my thing, I can still appreciate a good amount of detail when I see it. Alternatively, will it will make an awesome stadium for small mech battles.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this please leave a comment below.


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