New challenges and a brand new set has been revealed for LEGO Masters Australia Season 4

A few Australian TV websites have this week revealed some new information about Season 4 of LEGO Masters Australia, revealing challenges, a new look set, and a new ‘power brick’. TV Tonight, who say the new series is coming after Easter, advise there is a “new competition twists, mind-bending new challenges, a new “Power Brick”. Filmed in Sydney (previous seasons were Melbourne), there’s a new-look set. This season introduces the most powerful brick of all: the game-changing “Power Brick””.

There are a few things staying the same. Host Hamish Blake will return with judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, alongside 16 of Australia’s best LEGO builders, competing for $100k. In what appears to be a press release announcement, the article on TV Tonight says:

In a season that promises more amazement than ever, the challenges will excite and surprise. From The Car of the Future to The Stuntman – which will see contestants building a model that can fly through a hoop of fire – this year’s competition is rising to spectacular new heights.

Who can navigate a high wire, and who will come crashing down? The brain-busting outdoor challenge, High Wire, will push contestants to their technical limits by attempting to build and propel a model across a razor-thin high wire stretched six metres above the ground.

And the biggest challenge hit from Season 1, The Bridge, returns with an amazing twist.

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