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Season 4 Episode 8 – Spooktacular

With another day dawning in the workroom, the remaining six teams rush in to take on a new challenge. Henry and Joss are now the holders of the Titanium Brick of Triumph and they are lead through to this episode’s challenge. Six baseplates sit around a haunted spooky castle.

Each time has to build a world of horror. There are also minifigs on each baseplate, each representing a classic horror trope. Henry and Joss have the power to dish out each character

Brickman sets up the challenge, spooky is the theme not necessarily horror. Additionally, each world comes together to form one giant world. Teams have ten hours to get their spook on.

The Builds

Caleb & Alex – Reanimated Monster – Evil Experiment.

They are deciding to have the monster bursting out of the lab where the mad scientist has been doing experiments on it. Hamish-as Brickman’s deputy- questions the amount of blank space in the front lawn. The team decides to put feet coming out of the ground.

The final build is praised for the patchwork nature of the arms which stands out against the dark green baseplace. But there is a point made with the big rock in the centre of the diorama that makes the building blend in a bit too much. Overall a solid effort.

Joss & Henry – Spider-vampire – House Spider

With Joss being born on Halloween this is right up his alley. They settle on a walking spider mansion. Apparently, Hamish is afraid of spiders and doesn’t take kindly to what’s getting built on the table.

As the build gets going the weight of the building is putting pressure on the legs.

Brickman comes by and notes that the story is a bit blank. The team is concentrating on nailing the spider and will be putting story details later. They are trying to work out a story, so they decide to have the big spider attacking Hamish in a smaller house.

Brickman gives praise for the scale and drama of the build. He points out the Nice parts usage with the cowcatcher off a train for the balcony rail. He likes the build overall.

Kirsti & Daniel – Lagoon monster – The Hatching

Getting a bit stuck in the mud for ideas they decide to scale up the minifig and have him creeping out of the bog. As the monster head gets formed Brickman comes by and notes the story and design is great but sees that the presence is a bit flat. He challenges the team to up the ante and have the arm be twice the size to match the scale of other builds.

Kirsti is worried that the elements of the build aren’t coming together with mismatched arms and gaps in the baseplate with detailing. At the end of a big build Brickman notes the arms are a flaw with the mixed arms and issues with execution.

Lexi & Rachel – Ghost – Buyer’s Remorse Ghost

Lexi is excited to finally build a purple mansion that’s haunted. She’s a horror fan. Rachel is the opposite not being a fan of horror. Rachel is working on the plan while Lexi feels frustrated waiting around and not getting bricks.

Brickman also notes that the two team members are not working together. Rachel is working on trees and Lexi is keeping to the mansion. Brickman also notes that if the trees are underwhelming and don’t really join up with the house as a narrative device. Rachel takes on the advice to create a big tree monster.

Brickman gives points for the two finally working together to bring apart two separate elements into a big build that works.

Nick & Gene – Mummy – Temple of the Mummy King

They are looking at a big pyramid with traps and foils for grave robbers. Brickman wonders if there’s too much focus on play features that might detract from the overall story.

The traps are revealed to be a spike trap and the mummy’s throne that spins around to reveal the man behind the curtain and a small rock-slide. Brickman notes that the traps are great and imaginative, but feels the scale could have gone bigger with some elements like the snake.

Paul & Trent – Warewolf – Warewolf Wilderness Retreat

They are setting the scene for a werewolf retreat with areas for rest and recreation. But their idea is stalling as they struggle trying to work out the technical aspects of the resort. Deciding to start from scratch at the five hour mark the team is worried they might not finish.

With the team feeling the stress so Hamish comes in with a stress buster. A moment of facetime with the furbabies. With five minutes remaining, they start to move the table, and the roof falls off but they manage to get it there.

Brickman gives them points for the story and idea. But the execution is lacking in presence. Which puts them at risk of elimination.

The Verdict

With all the teams lined up Hamish provides some relief that it isn’t an elimination episode. Trent and Paul and Kirsti and Dan are relieved. Joss and Henry hand back the titanium brick.

The top two are called: Rachel and Lexi along with Henry and Joss.

Both teams had a great technical achievement and a good story and the winners are Joss and Henry who have the brick returned to them.

Next week: Things blow up, in a gale force episode.

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