Screeching into LEGO line-up is one of the most classic and slickest muscle cars of all time!

LEGO 10304 – Chevrolet Camaro Z28

About This Set

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of, if not the best, muscle car of the 60s, that is still loved by muscle car enthusiasts to this day. Driving onto the scene in a mix of cool black and dark red colours, this car is surely to pique the interest of the long-running car-enthusiast target audience that LEGO has been focusing on these last few years.

But how does our Chevrolet Camaro Z28 hold up at the car meet? Is this a set that exceeds expectations or another car set to get impounded? Read on!

Exterior Features

Coming in at 1458 pieces, this slick-looking muscle car really manages to round out the curves of the original model it is based on. I, for one, am a huge fan of the grill on the front of the model – not only does it replicate the classic muscle car look, but the intricate complexity of making the bend line up with the angled plates and still hold structural integrity really is something to be admired.

The sides of the car are relatively somewhat bland, but that’s done by design; the classic muscle car has relatively simplistic sides to it – but we HAVE to point out the ice cream side mirrors. Wow.

As soon as we move to the rear of the build however, things begin to ramp up again with even more Nice Parts Usage. As yes, the rear number plate is adorned with some Minifigure fire axes in solid light grey. Also did not see that one coming. The number plate is also a nice reference to the model of the car – the Chevrolet 1969.

‘Extra’ Exterior Features

And before we move on to the interior – it’s worth noting that the set comes with a slew of extra white and dark red parts to interchange with the build, allowing fans to swap out the dark grey with a splash of colour.

Plus the fact this model is a convertible, allowing the roof to be removed and the back of the passenger section to be covered over with a small number of extra bricks to act as the canopy covering the recessed roof.

And you can swap out the plates and the front headlights!

I wholeheartedly welcome these additions, and really wish LEGO did it more, as it gives fans the option to customise the build to what they like. Big ticks here!

Under the Hood

It wouldn’t be a classic car model without a decent portion of effort going into recreating the engine of the classic muscle car. I think LEGO did really well trying to cram that much detail of an engine into such a small space, and I can surely see many LEGO fans displaying the model with the hood up like this all the time.


I for one think that the interior of this set is one of the strongest interiors LEGO has done in a while – a smooth transition of colour between dark red and normal red, the colour transition of the door from black to dark red, and the yet still functional steering wheel amidst all of the other details to boot? Heck yes.

It is also impossible not to mention the fuzzy dice reference on the rearview mirror, as well as the 5c sitting in the middle console of the front seats. Love this.

The rear of the build also still classically sports enough comfortable storage for you to hide whatever you need away too.


Overall, I was quite pleasantly surprised by this set. The details in this car are really exceptional, and the added bonus of customising the set with colours, different plates, convertible option and headlights is really a huge cherry on top. (24 possible combinations here!)

I really think this customisation factor is something this set really needed to be a strong contender, as this car is an often customised and deeply loved piece of history to many many people.

Do I think this is worth it? 100%. This is a pretty neat muscle car in LEGO, and even though I am not a “car guy”, I am definitely getting one of these for my bud who is.

Big ticks all around.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this please leave a comment below.

This article was written by Tim & Dannii.

Find them on Instagram at @legobuildingwithtimanddannii

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