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Retro Toy Review With Trent: Playmates TMNT Casey Jones from 1989

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Trent Cucchiarelli

LEGO Masters Season 2 contestant &

host of the Toy Power Podcast

It’s 1990. I wait patiently, ticket in one hand, Casey Jones action figure in the other. I shuffle into the packed cinema, knowing that this is going to be one of the most incredible experiences of my young life so far. I am about to witness in all its glory the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles break free from their cartoon shackles and be depicted in live-action.

Now, to set the scene for my fever pitch level of anticipation. Back in 1990, there was no internet. You couldn’t simply watch the trailer on demand. I recall vividly my brother explaining the video clip he had seen at a friends house, which actually showed the turtles! I was so desperate to simply catch a glimpse of them, I woke up at 4:00 am to tune into Rage with the hope of seeing the same clip... all to no avail. But none of that mattered now because I was about to see it in all its glory on the silver screen.

No property hits crazed-mania levels without an associated toy line. And Ninja Turtles stayed true to that formula that was birthed by Star Wars in the late ’70s. So popular were these toys, shoppers would descend on newly stocked toy isles and clean them to the bare bones like a plague of locusts through a wheat farm. Children dove head-first into isle display, pegs were stripped bare. To say collecting the four turtles was difficult would be an understatement, but it gave some of the secondary characters their time to find a way into the shopping ba