• Tim and Dannii

Review: LEGO Creator Expert 10292 Friends Apartment - The One With All The References.

LEGO 10292

The FRIENDS Apartment Set

It was unexpected but warmly welcomed. LEGO has given us another F.R.I.E.N.D.S set! Dense with references, I found myself treating this set as a game of I-Spy. Much like The Central Perk build, the two iconic apartments are built like a film set, making both sets completely interactive. We receive a second iteration of each main character while also gaining a new side character, Janice! Honestly, the only thing left for LEGO to add to this theme is the iconic water fountain seen in every single intro.

The set itself is a combination of Chandler’s apartment and Monica’s apartment. Giving us twice the size of Central Perk and twice the amount of references. Judging by the furniture, hair cuts and references, I believe we are looking at the time period in the middle of the series. Unlike Central Perk which seems to refer to the early seasons. The presence of the canoe, Chick and Duck and a multitude of other references make this a die-hard fan’s dream.

LEGO 10292 - Friends Apartment