The Challenges And Rewards Of Running A LEGO Convention

For the past (almost) 10 years, I’ve been a part of the most awesome LEGO Fan Convention in Australia, Brickvention.

A three day LEGO extravaganza in January that hosts an exclusive AFOL convention day (Friday) filled with international guest speakers, workshops, games and more. Plus two full days of public display (Saturday and Sunday) in the heart of Melbourne.

Over 300 LEGO Artists and Builders create spectacular MOCs for the event each year. Over 20,000 attendees visit to admire the technical abilities, storytelling, composition and general awesomeness of AFOLs from around the world.

And there’s the coveted Brickvention trophy, awarded each year to the MOC that is most deserving.

Brickvention Australia

Amazingly, Brickvention is one of the largest scale LEGO Fan events in the world that is entirely volunteer-run.

Ten crazily dedicated humans volunteer 12 months of the year to create, facilitate and ultimately run the Brickvention experience for the community that love it so much.

Through Brickvention I’ve learned more about LEGO and events than I thought possible. I initially applied to be a part of the committee fresh out of Uni with a marketing degree and a passion for beautiful coloured bricks.

I took on roles within the team in design and marketing and watched a team of amazing people coordinate so many different facets that make up the event.

I’ve also gained a lot from Brickvention on a personal level too. I’ve made amazing friends/LEGO family, I’ve gained confidence and public speaking skills.

I’ve been able to volunteer in an organisation that impacts the lives of thousands of people and do my best to help others and I got to be a part of LEGO Masters Australia.

But all events come with their challenges and this year, we are faced with our biggest challenge yet; the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2020 battle

2021 will be extremely different for Brickvention artists and fans. With public events unlikely to resume by January. We’ve had to rethink the event we love so much and look for ways we could bring joy to the community without risking their health and safety.

So for 2021, Brickvention is going to deliver an online incarnation. Clicking together some of the key elements of never before seen Convention day with LEGO MOCs and Brickvention history.

Brickvention is an epic legacy that has impacted the lives of thousands of people. And we will do everything we can to continue our beloved event in person into the future.

Have you ever been to Brickvention? To support the Brickvention experience and stay in the loop about Brickvention Online, you can join the Brickvention mailing list at or follow the event on Facebook and Instagram @brickvention.

I hope to see you there in 2022 and beyond.


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